Hey guys,

I havn’t really been on WCR in the last month or so, have only logged on once or twice from what i can remember. Anyway its nice to be back on today and to have a read of some interesting posts as always.

Im just commenting here today to wish everybody a (slightly belated) happy new year really…

And to make the following note:

These past few months have been very busy for me…(not only in a commercial sense)…life has just been chaotic busy exciting stressfull, anyway to be honest due to the time at which i am at in life at the moment, i cant see myself getting a chance to post here as often as i would like to, or have previously done. I wouldnt feel right in just stopping contributing without posting something like this.

Also I would like to thank Chris and Alex for their dedication in creating and maintaining what looks to me to be the most innovative and professional forum setup in window cleaning, these guys have a genuine love for the trade aswell as being great business men…and special word of thanks to everyone out there on the forum who has helped me and helps others with their problems and queries…aswell as to those who listened to my “advice” though most of the time i assure i knew very little :slight_smile:

Im sure i will be able to post here on occassion and hopefully will have a chance to commence where i left off sometime in the future.

On a side note i was in NH over the new year on a skiing holiday of sorts…what a great place…what great slopes…what great people…any NH members on this site i applaude your hospitality and attitude…(whilst also question how you can manage to withstand such temperatures in the winter months and clean windows:D)

Anyway i think thats about me finished for tonight. I wish you all luck in expanding your business’ in this coming year despite the deepening global recession:(

Take care,


Hey Rob - nice post.

All the best, Rob. You sound stressed out, man…

Nice post Rob, great to hear from you!

Great to hear from you Rob.
Good luck in the new year!
Oh and NH is a really nice place. I’m going to be in VT tomorrow… they are practically the same state.

sounds like someone needs a drink

Hey Rob. Good to hear from you. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!:wink:

as someone that knows the chaos that is life all too well, hang in there brother.

Have a pint with some friends and laugh. Always make time for those things.

I used to laugh more after a quart.

Going through WCR Nation withdrawal!:smiley:

I know I am!:frowning: