Hi all am new to the site

Hello all my real name is Darren but just call me Denbo am from stockton which is in cleveland uk i have been a window cleaning for 11 years now.

I would like to say the site looks very good and there is some very good tips around to help me out at times. I will get some pic’s up of the works van later

Cheers Denbo

PS-Goes easy on me lads


You’ll find the guys around here very knowledgeable and willing to help. It’s been great as I’m just starting my biz!

Welcome Darren!

Cheers lads if i can help out just ask and i will try

Hey Darren…welcome!

Greeting Denbo.

What up Denbo, good to have ya

Good on ya mate, glad to have you here

Ta lad. How’s things across the pond?

Ta lad. How’s things across the pond?

Things across the pond are very good for me reason been is that i will becoming a partner for the lad i work for so 2009 for me should be good i hope ! HMMMM

Welcome and enjoy

//youtu.be/- YouTube

Hey Denbo

Hello Denbo,
this is a great place to learn…welcome. I have a good friend who lives in hartlepool…was over there in 2006…great time

Cheers for the video Matt

Hartlepool is about 20mis from me aswell Dave

Been a bit busy of late lads Cheers for the welcome and its nice to see a few more UK lads getting on the site !

Welcome Denbo

Hi Darren, welcome.

Hi denbo- nice to see an international crowd here