Hi All

My name’s Duke, I live in Tewkesbury and my Company is called Cotswold Cleaning. Some of you may know me from the UK forums.

Hi Duke - your name rings a bell :slight_smile:

Hey Duke

I think I know you form the WFP training academy…

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Duke!

Hey Duke!

Welcome to the board! Great to have you here.

[SIZE=“1”](Duke’s a heavy on the UK forums, like Karl :slight_smile: )[/SIZE]

Hey Duke! One of my greatest friends in this world is nicknamed “The Duke,” sometimes just shortened to “Duke.” Anyone with that handle is alright in my book! Welcome to the team!!

wAS’up Duke!

cookie monster

Welcome Duke! Always glad to see another one of you lads from across the pond!

hi duke its good to see anther one from uk tomy jackson or pootwo