Hi Everyone!

Hi guys,

I hope you don’t mind so much a lady joining your forum.

Been working on getting into the business of window cleaning here in St. Louis. Will be cruising through the previous posts to get all the goodies and learn from the more experienced as to the best way to go about making this a full time income.


Hi Sharon,

Ladies are always welcome here. So your just getting into the business. What aspect? Residential, commercial storefront, commercial mid rise… Whatever area your in I’m sure you can find some interesting info.

Welcome Sharon!

Welcome Sharon! I believe we have other ladies here if im not mistaken Bella Shine & of course Linda!

Anyhow…enjoy yourself!

Great Site Sparkle! Love the intro page…

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

My goal is to start with commercial storefront.

By the way, this forum looks like it is relatively new. When was it started?

October 2007. New but fastest growing and most “popular” by many accounts.

Chris and Alex are world-class hosts, business owners, and suppliers.

Welcome Sharon, not experience in storefronts here, and not much at all since I’m pretty new at this too, but I’d be glad to help as I learn.

Hi Sharon

this is a great site we could use more women though :frowning:

@ Hey Sharon
It’s easy. Have had businesses in CO. FL. Ill. OK. and GA. Quality is king but price helps a lot. Look me up on FB Brett W Cunningham. Have some pic of window cleaning. Q: Do U want to do Comm. or Res. ?

Everybody thinks that storefronts R the way to go. Comm. is ur bread and butter in the winter however, Res. will pay greater in the summer months. I’ve done it all (no bragging) in Denver which doesn’t have much of a Dwntwn. I’ve been on approx. a third of the bldngs. I do only Res now and may move and do this else where. Florida is pretty backwards when it comes to window cleaning. May head to GA. or back out west. Humidity is an awesome adversary of window cleaners in states east of the Mississippi; I started in a climate w/o much ambient moisture and then came to FL. Let me tell all who read this, there is nothing more frustrating than to squeegee a huge plate of glass and it still be wet when you’ve closed it out. Or, all your frames bleeding back. There are lots of tricks I’ve learned to combat such annoyances that I won’t have to use if west is my destination. Anyway Sharon, good luck and happy squeegeeing
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