Hi friends!

I’ve been a residential window cleaner since mid-eighties, off and on, but mostly on, and I have been active on the WC network (Gary’s group) for many years, though not much in the last four years or so and also on the Yahoo group (if it’s still around or not I do not know).

Anyway this is a great idea for a forum you have here - thought of doing this myself many times over the years, particularly when embedding youtube became possible and so easy, exactly what we need because a video is worth a million words! and I’m glad finally somebody did it. Good job too!

My specialty, I guess you would say, is storm window jobs in older neighborhoods, though I of course do all kinds of residential. I hand wash only, though I have also extensive WFP experience too.

Welcome Alex. Where you from?

Richmond, Virgina.

Welcome…I look forward to your posts.

It’s always nice to have another voice of experience here.
Good ole’ storm windows.
So do you take the storms out or shuffle them? Quite a lively thread on this not long ago.

Howdy Alex.
Boy I sure do recognize your name. I haven’t been in Gary’s world for a long time but do hang my hat at MWCoA. Great to see you here. I just got here recently as well.

Dan I remember your name from one of the other groups.
He He, I’m a shuffler Dan, though I didn’t know until yesterday that people were calling it that. We never used that term when we would occasionally discuss that on the email groups. Back then I felt like a voice alone arguing the case for leaving them in place and trying to explain how you moved them up and down. I remeber one guy up in DC who sent me a note saying he did it the same way I did and we realized we were sort of mirror images of each other in different towns.

I did see that shuffling thread and I couldn’t resist adding my two cents. I started out removing them but then I discovered shuffling and never went back. I like the ‘what you see is what you get’ of cleaning them in place, and I like the purpose built stabilty of the frame holding it in place, and I got tired of lifting them in and out of the frames which I find physically taxing and more time consuming. From time to time I will find some storms that for whatever reason don’t shuffle easily and when I do I just take out the lower sash. I’m sure that people who remove them have perfected their method too and it really boils down to what you are used to. I did it that way for several years and it worked OK.

Triple track storms and small panes are incredibly common around Richmond where the ‘colonial’ style rules and many of the finer old homes have resisted window replacement. I couldn’t tell you how many thousands of these I have done, most of these houses having between 25 and 35 windows with 12, 15, 18, or 24 panes. So I had to learn to streamline the process in order to finish in one day, working alone.

Thanks for the welcome!

Hi Ken. I remember your name, probably from one of the other groups. Tell me about the Master Window Cleaners group. I remember when they were discussing starting that up but I never followed up on it.

welcome. Glad to have more experience in this forum. So when you started your wcing was in the 80’s… man I loved the 80’s

//youtu.be/Mr. T on 80's Fashion - YouTube

Welcome Alex! I remember you from Gary’s world. I use to cut and paste many of your posts, especially the ones on how to clean DHC windows alone. Glad to see you here. I’m a pro now thanks to you and many others.

Thanks Mike. DHC? Double Hung and what about the “c”, cut? I love Mass. Used to live in Western Mass for a few years (worked in Springfiled and but lived in Northampton and had GFs at Smith and UMASS) but never got out your way too much. Bet you got a lot of fine old homes to do in your area too!

Hi Alex,

Good to have you here. Looking forward to your input.

Hey Alex, To answer your question, DHC stands for Double Hung Combination. Yes Virginia and Massachusetts remember their colonial roots even to this day. Almost every house on my street has cut ups and the neighborhood was built only 35 years ago.

HI Alex, welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy here and stay for long time. Follows their rules and regulation of the forum.

Have a ncie time ahead.

There’s rules here?!?

I guess we have a few rules. Personally I like rules. They keep everything in order and on track. BUT if I had to choose between to many rules verses to few I’d have to choose too few hands down. I think you’re going to like it here Alex.

No cursing, No Sexual content, No WCR competitor plugs

and – the most important – [B]Just be nice to each other.[/B]