Hi Guys

My name is Andrew :slight_smile:

[B]I’ve been in the WC business 5 years now here in the great state of MI. My company name is AIC Cleaning Systems we do any and all commercial and residential work, post construction, other add on’s etc etc. Basically I’m excited to have found this website and I’m very eager to network and learn more about the WC Industry…[/B].

Andrew C
[COLOR=“Blue”]AIC Cleaning Systems[/COLOR]
734 478 9156

Welcome Andrew - !

Welcome Andrew

What city are you in??

Welcome Andrew! Here’s a great networking event for you - midwest

Ann Arbor/ypsi really all of washtenaw county and the surrounding areas…

Cool I’m not to far from you then I’m in Toledo OH.

Invisaclear Window Cleaning

welcome im over in belleville

Hey Mark

It’s cool to know theres other WC in the area, sometimes you really feel like your the only squeegee kid in town…