Hi there

Hi guys,

Isaac M. here … I’ve been cleaning windows for about a year (8 months as a subcontractor and 4 months working for National window cleaning company)
And now I’m starting to go on my own… :eek:whew I didn’t realize on how over whelming it is to start one, But I am doing it.:smiley: I currently have a few bi weekly accounts so I’m really proud of that…

Any advice on what software to use :confused:

Works well, cost is low.

The Customer Factor looks like a good piece of software. I personally use George the window cleaner’s assistant. It is a 1 time payment of 80 usd and is constantly being updated. It does not offer a way to assign jobs to employees and invoice customization is very limited but it has everything else. You can download and use it for free for 3 months http://www.georgesystems.co.uk/. There is also a palm version which I use to keep track of working during the day and when I get home I just plug it in to my pc and it updates everything like payment info and jobs completed.

Wow thanks guys for your replies:eek:…
I really like both programs, but as i am just starting out, i think I will go with George software for the time being…

thanks again for your help

Hey Isaac, I’m in Katy too.

If you’re only doing commercial let me know, since I don’t do storefront even when I get calls for it from time to time. I don’t have anybody to give those leads to, and who know who ends up getting them.

I’d be glad to help if there’s not any conflict of interests.

I use Palm.

the CS is what I use…it’s alright for now.

Oh, and welcome to the same club llaczko is in :smiley:

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Hi there bro…

Yea im doing Commercial, I would really appreciate any leads - in fact any leads that i clean i will pay you referral fee… we can talk more about it over the phone if you like…

to llaczko and stark … is it not too much trouble if you can reply back with a link of the software you guys use???

Ive tried George software and im really not too impress with it:rolleyes:

Im thinking of using Quick books:cool:

Isaac, no problem man.

PM your number and when is the best time of the day to reach you, and we can get together or something like that.

No need for a fee, not at all. I help you today and you can help me tomorrow.


Ive already pmed you my # … you can call me at anytime… i have a few jobs tomorrow but i should be done early afternoon

Hi guys this is my first post.
I have a windshield repair business and I am in the process of adding on window cleaning to my ‘‘glass maintenance’’ service business. I’ll post a more formal introduction later in a new thread.

On topic…
I have an invoice program that I wrote myself. It is not specific for window cleaning, but could be easily used for window cleaning businesses. My dad uses it in his equipment repair business, my mom uses it in her quilting business, and I use it in my windshield repair business which I am expanding into the window cleaning business.

Anyway, I write software as a hobby, and I invite you to check out the Service Invoice program I have written. You can find a link to the Service Invoice program on my site http://www.primesales.net

You might even find the Super Rolodex program or the All-Dex program I wrote to be of some use too.

Looking forward to learning and contributing on this forum.


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Welcome Isaac!