Hi :)

Hi everybody,
I’m so glad to be part of WCR! My name is Kiril and I am from Bulgaria (eastern Europe). I just moved to Seattle WA. I have experience with doing high rise things (cleaning windows, making billboards, outside isolations, etc.). Now I’m looking to work something like this. And think to do high rise window cleaning. Does someone could help me how the things work here?
Thanks so much. :slight_smile:



Wow, truly international - Dutch, Bulgarian & a Joisey, welcome.

To clarfify: nobody from JERSEY says Joisey, only people not from Jersey do lol

Welcome Gosho!

Chris… you just did!


Lol jerk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

dont tell people outside of the country about jersey, we dont want the other countries to look down on us

I lived in Massachusetts, and you should probably take a look around before you go talkin that smack lol

Yeah, I know. Before that i lived in the armpit of Massachusetts, woonsocket Rhode island.

On a side note, I’m related to some cartwrights. You have any relatives with the last name crocker?