High Ballers?!

I went to go quote this home a few days ago and it was a very easy out only job. It took me 45 minutes (yeah, I got the job).

As I went to get paid she told me about this other company that was out to give a quote and they wanted $260! :eek:

I charged $150 (only because that was my minimum). $260 for 45 minutes worth of effort? I have been hearing that this company is very pricey from many homeowners. I talked to 2 this year that had used them in the past and said they were not worth the $.

Yet they are one of the largest residential companies here.

Of course I am not ranting as they are professional and they help make me look like a great deal, but who would think in this economy that they could keep their prices that high. :confused:

They do not target the rich, they target my type of customers and actually keep me on my toes.


CFP >> one of my competitors for small commercial stuff is like that, they charge way more than me way less quality work. ( and look like a bunch of ex-cons too) Yet they maintain many clients. I think alot of people that have been using them for years just don’t think you can get any better service, or whatever. I do not know. Though I have picked up a few of there clients who give me the inside scoop on how they work. The owner who gets the jobs, is a big burly guy and a bit intimidating. Maybe some are afraid to say no, i have no idea.
As with you it is good in the sense that I can maintain my prices pretty high, and still look like a good deal, plus when i deliver a better service all around, I REALLY look good to my clients.

Many think I charge to much but that is OK with me. I do not doubt anyone’s professionalism or quality of service but if they can get it why not? the market will bear what it will and if they can not get that price they will lower it… Why charge less and make less when you can make more… It is probably an image thing that this “highballer” sells and some people are all about that rather than the actual service itself. It is odd that some people like to pay more so they can talk about how much they pay. (not me of course but these people do exist)

I got a guy that does commercial only…does crappy and over charges, but yet he has sooo many customers.

Like I said, I am impressed with it

me too…but the impression is not entirely great though. I think they just have been around longer, so the businesses don’t have anything to compare to.

…until I come

interesting, you will need to let us in how you get your foot in the dead-bolt door these companies somehow put in place.

For me it is all timing. I keep me ads coming and coming. So when the giant stumbles I race up the beanstalk.

Right! It’s all timing.

Went into a doctors office a couple of days ago and they said,“yeah we had a WC, but we haven’t seen him in a while”, and that’s when I grabbed that “Cherry Job”.

Since I’m still in the WCing world, a newbie, there’s people that have been doing this for 8-10 years! so timing is essential for me to keep growing.

What you don’t hear about is all the customers that are pleased with the service and price of the other company. You only hear about the people who didn’t use them. Or, the ones that had problems. Obviously there are a lot of potential customers willing to pay those prices, you’re just running into the ones who weren’t.

You are right, these people do exist, I have considered for a while starting another completely separate window cleaning biz on the side that caters to these type customers, charge something crazy like $20/ window (I now charge $8 for double hung), and totally brag about how expensive I am. I have the vehicle, and service to back it up, and I will have the marketing materials that will be HUGELY important in justifying the cost ready before I “open”. wonder how this would work. and how I can target these people specifically.

Over in Yurup, we have price wars as under paid workers flock to other countries where work is better paid. I’m telling ya, its no good for the economy.

That’s not so crazy.

then how do you come on top?

I offer quality & the legal pitch.

what’s a illegal pitch

People without licensing, insurance, workers comp, ethics…

most people in my area don’t care about workers comp or insurance except larger businesses

It’s what YOU care about that counts.

CFP now you’re lowballing THEM :smiley:

It’s not?

A typical house that I do will have 30 windows mostly double hung. I charge about $8/ window, thus I would charge $240, should take me about 4 hours, (I average $55-60/hour).

For me to charge $20/window, this same customer would now have to pay $600 for me to clean his/her windows!

How high would crazy be in your opinion?