High condo, WFP solution?

So I got a call for some high (to me) condo windows to clean inside and out. I don’t have enough hose/pole length to get them from the ground. Most of the windows tilt in, so no big deal, except for one large picture window.

I was thinking of getting a backpack pump sprayer and hooking it up to my little fiberglass WFP, then leaning out an adjacent window to clean from the side. Otherwise it’ll be side pulls with a squeegee.

Your thoughts?

Sounds perfectly possible with a wfp and backpack.


Or a squeegee, half from each side if needed to avoid hanging too much out window.

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How high can a backpack shoot water up a pole? The windows are 4th floor, and my pole is long enough, but the location of the nearest water source makes a regular hose run impractical.

So if the backpack has enough pressure to work at ≈40’ then I’ll just clean the exteriors from the ground outside with my big carbon pole. If not, then I’ll clean them by tilting in/reaching out with my little fiberglass pole.

I’ve cleaned 5 stories up with a Surflo backpack. About 55 feet.

I would test it out first but it shouldn’t be a problem.


i assumed you would be bringing the back into the apt.
although personally i would not lean out the window to do it.

Yes if I couldn’t get enough pressure from the backpack to work from the ground that was my plan B

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It looks like a pretty profitable job. If you get it I would suggest investing in a couple hundred feet of hose and either buying or renting a di tank. Probably 2-300 ft of wfp tube also. It would make the job way easier amd then youll have the equipment for future jobs.

A small 12v pump of 60psi should be able to handle it, it’s what I have in my sprayer cart and I used it to clean a commercial building that maxed out a Reach-iT PRO with great results.