High profile house pyrolytic construction clean! Oh no!

I have a job to clean a Parade of Homes house just before the event. Unfortunately, there is a pyrolytic coating on the 4th face (exposed interior side). I’m told you can’t really use anything on it to remove the various construction residues. Has anyone found a way to safely take off paint, sticker residue, silicione, etc. from glass with this coating?


I’ve never heard of pyrolytic coatings, what brand of windows are you speaking of?

I’ve actually started communicating with the manufacturer of the glass itself, AGC (Asahi Glass Co.). The window maker buys the glass from them. This glass has a metal coating on the inside of the glass, on face 4. So you are not actually cleaning glass at all, but instead metal. Yesterday I got some sample from the window maker. Steel wool and razor blades leave marks on the metal coating. So far all I can use is a cotton rag, soapy water, Goo Gone, and Magic Erasers.

It’s very slow going and no fun at all. If anyone has any more tips I’d appreciate learning them. I’ve only tested these techniques on 2 panes and they took 30 minutes combined to complete 85%. 180 panes to go. It’s probably north of a 5 million dollar house.

I’m guessing a plastic knife blade leaves marks too?

Charge 5 million dollars or walk away and let some other guy mess it up. Sounds like the Contractor should have properly protected the windows and it seems there is no way that when you are done there won’t be issues (which you will get blamed for, we all know how that goes and where we fall on the totem pole).

Yes, that’s what they say. We actually had a fairly decent run with these panes on Friday. There were three of us working on them. We just used water and dish soap, finger tips and fingernails, Goo Gone gel and magic erasers. We cleaned around 15 panes. Slow going, around 10 minutes a pane, but we are not damaging them.

There are some strange spots on both sides of the panes, the metal coated and the plain tempered glass, that look like water spots but will not come off on either side. I cannot image what they are. Many of them seem to be in a strange pattern because there are in a general band that runs across the pane. I don’t know what to do about them. The contractor and I looked at them and are going to discuss it with the window company.

Yah, I’m going to have that conversation with them tomorrow. I’m going to tell them we won’t go forward without a hold harmless agreement and appropriate compensation.

The glass is made by AGC, a major glass manufacturer. They sold the sheets to the window maker to build the windows.