High rise rapeller wanted

I am looking for a window cleaner with high rise chair work experience willing to relocate to central Illinois. Full time work. Chair work, ladder, pole and ground work. Need a team leader. If you are interested contact me by email.

Clean-Way Window Cleaning
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very interested, have worked in las vegas, and canada, bosn chair, stage, harness, etc and done safety and training, john , [email protected]

Hello every one. I have been doing mid rise rope access work for 18+ years. I have worked for Brite-Way Services in Wisconsin on and off most of my life. Last fall I have finally formed my own co., Green Window Cleaning Services, LLC. I am currently doing some sub contracting from other local companies, and picking some work on my own. I would be happy to discuss subbing for others, if the interest is out there. I have also done quite a few self rescue demos for the IWCA hands on safety training. I have been SPRAT certified, and am currently IRATA certified. I would like to know if anyone would have any interest in having me train them or their employees, or just sub the work for them. I also know of another gentleman who would be willing to get involved with training the management or operations manager in the proper way to write a job safety/work plan, and the proper signatures to get from the property management. please feel free to contact me personally with any questions you may have.
Jeff Scott (608) 770-0791
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