Highest $ per pane

In a couple of weeks I’m going to be paid the highest amount any window cleaner has gotten to clean one single pane of glass. (This is actually an assumption, no proof that this is indeed the highest)

The story:

Last week I got a call to clean a window here in downtown Toronto. I was given an address and was told that they needed someone who was flexible in their schedule and worked alone. They assured me that financial compensation would be considerably higher than what I was used to. Sure enough, late Friday afternoon I got the call to show up at 6AM the next day.

Well I arrived and they took one look at my professional tools and told me they wanted me to use theirs instead. So they handed me an old wooden pole with a dirty scrubber attached and another wood pole with a brass handle squeegee screwed to the end.

All they wanted was one window cleaned. I started to clean the window and they asked if I could create more suds. I told them they it wasn’t ideal to have lots of suds but they apparently wanted to see the window all soapy. After cleaning that one pane a few times it was clear that they no longer liked the suds and wanted me to use very hot water with absolutely no suds. So next I cleaned the window a few times like this. In the end they went back to wanting suds and didn’t even care if I squeegeed the soapy water off the glass.

In the end they thanked me for all my efforts, made me sign some legal papers with the promise that I would receive a check for $927 + $49 cash meal allowance.

Here is the window I cleaned.

for what ever reason this story sounds fishy…not saying you’re a lier Mark, of course you are not.
Are you sure you didn’t sign the deed to your house or something, or sign a deal with the Candian Mafia to get a cut of your profit??? that stupid fine print :smiley:

I don’t understand what they wanted? just one cleaning…HEY do they have relatives in FL?


That is a crazy story my friend.

Let us know if you actually get a cheque in the mail.

Did they film you? Was there some kind of video compensation thingy going on here?

:eek: holy cow thats insane!! Yes please let us know when you get the check.

Ding, ding ding, we have a winner folks!

Yes Kevin, I was being filmed. Turns out it was a NIKE commercial.

Let me fill in some blanks from my story. I knew even before going it was for a commercial. They found me on my web site along with one of my Youtube videos and thought I’d be good for the gig. I actually worked 9 hr’s that Saturday, 6 hrs on Monday and 6 hrs on Tuesday. 21 hrs total, so even tho I’m getting paid what I mentioned, it really only works out to $46/hr. But still, wicked cool being in a commercial.

I’m just going to be in the background for a second or two. There’s also street cleaners, constructions guys, awning cleaner and background pedestrians filmed around the main characters, 3 joggers in NIKE gear.

I don’t know what market it will be shown in but it will probably be out in a month or two. I’m wearing a plaid jacket with vest, black cargo pants and black hat. So keep your eyes peeled!

Mark, that’s really cool! I’m glad this happened to you. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Now the story makes sense.

OK, I see the light, NO Canadian Mafia… :smiley:

did you get your own trailer and make-up crew?
Or how about some authentic sweat-shop Nike shoes or sweat-shop Nike shirts made with real children’s tears in everyone…

There was me thinking that someone had barfed on the window, pizza style.
Good one Mark, were you cleaning the inside or outside?

Yeah, I was just messing with you guys, trying to get you to guess the scenario. Kevin’s instincts were right on.

I was cleaning the outside. First day the temps were -10° C (14°F). But I sat inside the pizza shop in between takes. (which actually equaled 90% of the time I was there)

There was a camera inside the pizza shop looking out and a bunch on the street and on the roof tops. Altogether there were 57 cameras along a stretch of 4 city blocks.

No trailer or make up crew, no Nike gear. I’ve never owned Nike actually.

You weren’t able to wear a wcr shirt in the commercial??

Thats awesome man!

Mark, FYI, you were so underpaid!!! Are you getting residuals once the ad runs? Don’t get me wrong, I think thats really cool that you’ll be in the ad doing what you do, but they so took advantage of you. My kid gets paid $75.00 per hour to do photo shoots, much more for TV commercials.

Wow, super cool.

Good for you, man, you deserve it!

I’m background. I’m getting paid scale. All the backgrounds were. + it wasn’t union.

Principles get way more + residuals. If I’m lucky I’ll be in shot for a second or two. Very unlikely you’ll be able to see my face.

Basically it runs down like this:

Background= lowest pay (especially if they just pick you out of the blue and you don’t have an agent)
Principles level 1 (you get a good look at your face) = a lot more pay
Principles level 2 (your face gets seen and you have lines) = Huge pay
Principles level 3 (you’re a celeb endorsing a product) = the moon!

Thanx Kevin.

Mark, it’s time you got yourself an agent!

Don’t think this hasn’t crossed my mind. Doing ‘extra’ work would be a cool way to earn some $$ during the winter slowdown here. Basically I’ll be slow from the second week of Dec to the end of March.