Hip Clip In The WCR Store

I’m happy to let everyone know that we are now stocking the Hip Clip. Made by a window cleaner, this awesome little tool is inexpensive a great addition to any set up.

Have a look for yourself.

This is a good thing.
Worked great for me!!!

“Worked” great for me!!!
Did you break it?

Who makes it?

well, i bought 5 f them, 3 years ago when i was useing hucks
it worked GREAT but changed the way i do interiors…


this dude… a window cleaner

My friend @pagliachi gave me one of those and I lost it for a couple weeks. Found it and tried it out on last ressi. I am always losing my hucks and losing time from them falling from my “Hammer” rings. This clip was fantastic! Quick to get the hang of. I loved it! No more dropped hucks. On second day I was putting it on my belt and the back belt clip broke off. I didn’t have the part that stays on the belt. I don’t think it was the product but MY fault. Going to order more, no more hammer rings. Less weight on belt. Thanks PAX.

So what you allude to is my small vice grips and wood clamps are not the best way to hold my hucks on the belt? Who’d a thunk it.
I need to get me a few. My belt has an outer belt I loop them thru and 2 large pockets on side but like you, unless I use a clamp or long cloth the cloths just slip out of a hammer ring. Could get a few of the roach clip type clips that the other guy found in the gutters.

[MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION] I think you"ll like 'em. Your girls may like them too. Especially if they have diffferent rags/towels for different duties.

Think so too. I have the scrim (unger), few hucks, and my chamois, Wet and dirty one side, dry on other. My normal cleaning belt for my daily cleans is an old paint ball belt and where the tubes fir in pouches are velcro flaps. I have 4 so 1 rag per ea cleaner, but, glass is in a side pouch with my special sause sauce, micor and cotton. Getting a bit cramped in there. Like the detail/dry cloth to hang free and get air. These may do the trick.

These things are pretty handy… They have been selling very well.