Hire someone for my hols to carry out my storefront work?

I am getting increasingly involved in regular storefront w/c’ing.
I have never been in such a position before where i have a regular store schedule.

Every year I usually take 2 weeks off on the weeks before and after new years …

Obviously that now poses a problem as i am commited to cleaning these storefronts.

So my question…do you think it would be ok to hire a part time guy for these 2 weeks…or is this risky? as they could then steal these storefronts from me as my contract only covers me for 1 week of cleans…

On that subject would a non compete agreement suffice in preventing a part time guy i hire, from stealing these customers.

Does anyone have a good non compete agreement they could post for me??

thanks rob

Rob, are you going to keep the guy on a regular part-time basis or just for the time you are on vacation? The reason I ask is, if it is just while you are on vacation, I wouldn’t hire anyone. I would just let the customers know that you will be away during that time.
If you are going to keep the person on a regualr basis than absolutely have ANYONE you hire for anything for any amount of time sign a non compete!!!
I have a non-compete I would be happy to email to you if you would like.

Hey Carlos thanks for the quick responce.

Sorry I meant to say that this person would just work for the time in which i would be taking time off (2 weeks).

You say just tell them you wont be there for the 2 weeks…Do you think the customers would be ok with this, seeing as they are store front customers??am i not kinda messing their stores image up for the 2 weeks in doing this…?

why is it that you think that hiring a guy for this period of time is bad?

I automatically assumed that i would have to hire someone so as to keep my reputation as a reliable consistent W/C’r.

I would really appreciate it if you could share that non compete with me if thats still ok with you…i will PM you my email.

I agree with Carlos. Let the customer know you are going on vacation. Clean them right before you leave and as soon as you get back. They will understand.

I don’t know about Carlos, but I agree with Linda.

Sorry, just learning names. That’s why I put name in my signature.

That is helpful, Kevin.

That’s what small oneman window cleaning companies do. Should be OK.

I have clients that shut down during those weeks also. They let me know that they wont be there during that time. And i completely agree they will understand.

Ok that puts my mind at ease then.

And apologies to Linda for any confusion with names…i don’t know where i got “carlos” from.

was someone calling me ? :slight_smile: