After 6 years of cleaning windows, I’ve finally had it. I would LOVE to hire and just take on a management role. The only issue is that I’m in a position where I have too much work for me but not enough work for someone else to work and both of us be able to live off of it. I have business expenses too that need to be factored in.

*Not to mention 3 months out of the year theres no work whatsoever… so even when I’m making great money net, its basically to make sure I have something to live on through winter.

For those who have the experience…

  1. How do you pay people? by the hour? by salary? How on earth to do you keep people on…its not like they’ll be making enough on season to cover the years worth of expenses
  2. At what point is it a good idea to hire? Should I grow more? Branch out into more high paying commercial work first? I’m exhausted

I tried the subcontracting thing but honestly it hasn’t been working out (bad experiences with having unreliable people). Often I ended having to do the job myself