Holiday Cards

I have no idea what that means. You did not link, copy/paste or offer anything that was backed via statistics. All opinions are welcomed though in my book…I wouldn’t go cementing it in time as the gospel though.

My way works for me, the fact that I frequent many boards shows I’m willing to listen to others.

This may come as a surprise to some of you… handing out business cards is not marketing. CFP

That statement alone raises conversation. That one could be dissected into oblivion. Business cards are a marketing vehicle.

ha, I give up

It is not marketing in [B]my[/B]book. Business cards really do nothing once we hand it out. It is on a teeny-tiny piece of paper that looks like the 100 other ones we all have. Go to a marketing forum and drop your “cards as marketing” theory and see what’s up.

If the card itself does not cause a call or sale it is nothing but something for them to call you back when they need a cleaning (no, that is not marketing). Does it tell them to hand it to their friends/family/neighbors and tell of the awesome service they got?

I really, REALLY wish all of my competition thought this way. sadly, they all don’t :frowning:

Small businesses love this type of unaccountable marketing that is cheap.

Can a business card be traded between your customers and their peeps and lead to some work? heck yes. Is it marketing, no. Your [B]customer[/B] is the marketing tool, not the card.

Is that a question or a statement?

In quoting me, were you asking me what my post meant?

If so, it meant I appreciate the efforts of a few who spend a lot of time reading, studying marketing. Then sharing what they have learned with folks like me.

You seem sort of quick triggered. Passive/Aggressive.
I am just aggressive. Want to arm wrestle? :slight_smile:
It may help to know Paul (CFP) has been around for a while…too. He has focused more on how to sell than how to clean. He has been very helpful to me over the years. Between him and kevin…if one fails…it is laziness.

You capsulized my whole approach in one post. Alrighty then…

It is good to discuss these things (in a socially acceptable manner), I think we all take something from them. If I were to go back 3 years I would be thinking extremely different than I do now. (the point is back then I did not do a lot of real thinking and tons of assuming). I always find myself researching something because of these discussions, so I grow because of them.

I only really jump on these topics when someone states something as a fact that is not. I don’t care if it is Chris, Kevin or anyone else, and I expect the same. I want to make sure we do not feed our already skewed views of marketing.

When people cling to phantom marketing tactics with no basis on anything real, then tell it as a fact… get ready for a debate.

Ro-Sham-Bo in a cage!


dude…you might have something of value to offer. Point it out when/if it comes up.

Its Christmas Phil…you can Chillax :smiley:

The reply was mild.

This thread is about Holiday Cards. I send cards out to my customers every month. In most cases, not all, they will not forget about me. I don’t want to always look for new customers and focus on doing new estimates. I use the Customer Factor and I have the T-Mobile G1 phone (my first good phone ever) and I love it when a customer calls me because they got my card and schedules an appointment. I just log into their account via the internet on my phone and schedule $400, $250, or whatever the amount is for that customer in about 30 seconds. It sure beats trying to prove yourself to a new customer who is not acquanted with you and your company.

All we are talking about here is about $6.00 per customer per year. (about .57 cents per postcard.) So if there is any window cleaners out there not communicating with their current clientel I suggest you do so any way possible. Because I believe there comes a point in a companies life that they stop spending 100% marketing income on new customers and start spending 75% on current customers and 25% on new.

Just my opinion.

Wonderful reply Deland!

You may be stretching that 75% marketing budget on current clients, but I like your attitude. You have a good system in place. BRAVO!