Holiday Gifts/Bonuses

Just wondering what any of you do for your employees during the holidays if anything. Do you buy them a gift, give them $$$? If you don’t do anything, why not?

Last year I gave my employee a cash bonus and a gift card to Sears. This year I will probably do the same, but maybe add a pack of bacon too.

What does Tollin’s window Cleaning do, if anything?

Well Seth, this year we’re giving everyone Meat wrapped in bacon, yummy!!! The only thing that would be better than that is meat wrapped in bacon wrapped in money!!
We’re doing something a little different this year for our guys, nothing outrageous, but I can’t say because some of our guys are on this forum. Hi Jay!!

$100 Cash

$100 buck! That’s it?
My old boss gave us a weeks pay. Bosses, don’t be a cheap a*s. Your employees bust their butts for you. Give a little.

What are you doing for your employees?

Perhaps $100 is a week’s pay.

A Toyota Tundra.

Steve- I’m solo my friend,
I paid myself a extra weeks pay :wink:

llaczko- Perhaps, for some a 100.00 is a weeks pay.

thelegendofdoug- thats a very generous offer:) By the way…Great choice
in a truck.

We do cash, gift cards, personalized gifts. Depends on how long they have been with me. Some I give the option of extra vacation time.

I buy gifts, but it;s a family member so Ican’t lose.

As an end of year deal, I take all of my guy’s and their wives out for a nice Dinner, and give them each an amount of money commensurate to the time they’ve been with me and the work and responsibility they have in the company.

They usually get me a $1.49 Hallmark Card. :mad: