Holiday Paint Removal

Here is a postcard I did for Holiday Paint Removal. I usually get a couple new customers by going after the paint removal. Not to mention it gets me work in January, when I get almost no houses.

I am assuming for commercial. What do you use to cover the ground or do you just sweep up the debris? How do you bill this?

Yes, that is for commercial. How I do it, is I have one bucket with a hog hair brush, seperate sqeegee for this bucket, and sometimes you will need to scrape some subborn paint off, but not too much. Most of the paint will come off when you rinse your brush into the bucket. And this does get messy(brush & bucket). Once the paint is pretty much off, I put all that stuff away, and pull out another set (bucket, srip washer, squeegee) and clean the window again, this time it comes completly clean. Then wipe down the frames.

I usually charge for this like I would for a CCU.


I don’t do CCU where I am, but there is a ton of holiday paint here in So CA. What approximately do you charge for that? I know it’s what the market will bear but I’d like to use some sort of benchmark for that and go after some of that business.

Thanks - Merry Christmas!

I just double what my normal price would be, maybe a little more, it depends on how hard or big the painting is.

Merry Christmas