I think this year I will be dropping my business cards in the kids bags along with the candy. I know when I was growing up my mom and dad looked over all my candy when I got home from begging. I figure it’s easy advertising.

Thats a really good idea, I never would have thought of that.

genius! great idea.

I don’t know about that one. They might question you if some candy comes up with a razor in it. You could also dress up in a gorilla suit and go as gorilla marketing. Pass out cards that way. To be honest, It wouldn’t score any points with me if I found a business card in my kids bag. No offense.


Now if you attached your card to a gift certificate like a free small frosty from Wendys. It might go over well:D !

Have you gotten any calls today?

Man were you reading my mind? lol. I just got home. Where I live the kids were coming around for treats on the 30th cause there is a parade here that was supposed to be a big deal for the town/state. I went an it was just a bunch of BS. Anyway long story short. I taped my cards to candy cause I did not want the parents to think I was some cheap ass guy just tossing cards in the bag with no candy. I bought good candy also, baby ruth, snickers, mm’s and a ton of gum. I tape the cards to each candy and tossed them out. lol. I got 1 call today and was told by the lady “you are a god send. I have been looking for a window cleaner and could not find one. My husband does plumbing and I’m going to tell him next year to do the same thing you did. Blah blah estimate schedule” anyway it’s just one home, but she did tell me she has at least 20 windows downstairs and for me that’s a least a $250 job. Well see how it goes. I got another call but that was a REFERAL. NOT ONLY A REFERAL FOR WC’ING BUT THE RAIN GUTTTER THINGS. I AM CALLING HER IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES. THANKS CHRIS