Holy french panes, What would you charge?

Got this house through a referral. This house is LARGE and every single window in true divided. the total pane count for the entire house is 1,115, I already came up with a price and am curious what others would price this at?

In, out, screens?

$1226 For a basic cleaning

looks like every day of my life. seriously, 80% of my work is divided-light.

$975 in/out/screens. looks like it’s about 4500 sq. feet, based on the photos. is there another wing pictured?

Sorry, Yes in/out plus screens. I’m also going to need to take a blade to the glass to remove paint from pretty much all the panes.

$850.00 in/out/screens Basic cleaning, if I have to blade every pane I would add $390 to it so the total would be $1240.

that’s a significant detail…

if you’re doing it like a ccu, maybe more like $1600.


John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

Here’s some more pictures of the place.

Hows the gutters?

yeah, maybe i would bump it up a little higher after seeing the back. probably more like $1100 for a straight-up clean and $1700-$1800 for detailing everything. a lot depends on what you think you can get out of the client. will it be a recurring job? if so, it’s worth coming in on the low side to get the job, then drop the price a little for follow-up cleans. But you’ll be able to WFP after the first time clean, which will save you about 6 man-hours on the outside. so you’ll come out even farther ahead in the long run.

So far John is the right around what I bid her at. Steve I didn’t really check out the gutters while I was there, didn’t see any crap hanging out.

What did you bid it at? So what did John win for being closes to your bid…:wink:

Like just about all of my customers she’s from the city and has money. I priced it out at $1,780 with all the work it’s going to take. As far as a recurring job, I sure hope so. I’ll def. be taking some money off and using my WFP on the next cleaning if she wants it done.

Very nice thread, thoughtful and productive. It will help me next time I come up with something like this. Last time I got the hair singed off my backside.

that’s the hidden value of wfp/pure water. you could drop the price to $1200 next time, and the customer would thinks it’s a huge discount. but it will take you literally half the time so your profit climbs dramatically. half the work for 70% of the money means it’s a win for you.

sounds like you’ve got a good plan. i think you’re on point with your price (though i don’t really know your market). let us know how it turns out.

Why drop price for wfp? In some cases I raise my price. You’re doing a more thorough job with the frames, sills, etc. I might lower it if they get on a quarterly plan, but not just because I’m using wfp.

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

you drop the price because next time you aren’t scraping a crap-load of paint off the glass. not because you’re using a wfp.

Yup, that’s exactly why my price would go down on the next go around.

Wow. Thats like half the price of replacing the windows. Lol