Home Made Pole's

Anybody build one? If so what did you use to build it?

I use fishing poles (as shown in the picture) & kite poles for the delivery. I also use kite poles for the short stuff (3rd floor). They are much lighter than any manufacturers put out, with this I use light weight hose & new brush head, which is in the patenting stage. Hopefully it will change wfp use quite radically.

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is a kite pole?
How are the fishing poles adapted with a brush head? Any close up pics of your poles or brush head?

Yeah I would like to know the same. What lengths, and appromimate weight?

Kite poles are the ones you see at the park being used to get kites up into the wind If you search ebay for “jackite” you will see a few of them also used as antenna poles by cb enthusaists
the fishing poles are basically extension poles used in coarse fishing in europe, they are not readily available here in the US and while Ive heard they are very usable they are not as robust as water fed poles

I didn’t go to any great lengths to make a pole but took a old Hi-Flo head and hose and an unger 4-8ft pole and presto a short WFP for those times when my Tucker is just to long to operate smoothly.

I have found my Hi-Flo head to be too wimpy to effectively clean debris from glass (‘cause I was using an Unger pole at ~24’ and at an angle on a first-time clean!)

I also find the head a little questionable but at the lower heights I’m using it for it works well.:wink:

The kite poles are just used for hanging banners, extremely robust, glass fibre & quick solid fixed turn & twist. These I use for lower 3rd story work. See here:

If you search for Carp or MAP fishing poles on the Internet, you will find many lengths and close ups. They are quite brittle due to the lightness of construction. I go to 60 foot at around 900 grams. I can use it with one finger. I can’t show you the brush head because I’m trying to get a patent & it is in testing at the moment. We will probably be looking stateside for stockists/partners

I’d like to also add that the revolution in lightness is due to a guy named Jeff Brimble in the UK who first had the idea for using fishing poles for working at height. Since then, many manufacturers have come along, taken the idea with not even a thanks & reaped the profit. The wfp market has gone on now with leaps & bounds thanks to Jeff. Within a couple of years I predict that all wfp suppliers will offer a stronger & lighter pole much like the “Superlite” from Gardiners. These are still three times or more the weight I use, but I’d rather give up robustness than lightness. The ones I use are still stiffer & lighter than any pole than the ones out on the market specifacally made for wfp use.

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Can you or do you run the water pipe up the side of the pole or throught the inside as on many water fed poles

The hose is ran outside the pole most often in the UK.

I have been able to adapt the pole to run it inside it though.

How are you attaching the brush head the end of the poles look a bit whippy

What pole is it that you are referring to looking whippy?

The brushes are connected via an aluminum gooseneck.

The gooseneck is threaded onto a male thread that has been inserted into the end of the section.

If you are referring to an unmodified pole(fishing type) they are not using all the sections to accomplish this transition to wfp.

Also the Gardiner line of poles have been modified and strengthened to be used for WFP.

They are not at all whippy.

Most rigid pole I have come across. Only draw back is that they are sectional and I’m not totally sold on the sectional poles just yet. Probably just because I am not used to them.

I haven’t had much experience w/ the sectional poles but did try as many as I could get my hands on at the picnic this summer. I enjoy the feel of them at heights over 35ft. I’d love to try the Gardiner. Maybe if Shawn makes it to the Midwest regional he could bring one. :wink:

I was looking at the kite poles to make my own for different jobs

Im not familiar with the kite poles. You may want to look around some of the UK based WFP forums.

I use a technique to run the hose up the side of the pipe without any problem. Before with the heavy Unger pole I used clear shower curtain clips.

They are excellent pieces of kit - don’t get put off by the fact that they are glass fibre. You will hardly notice the weight at 3 story’s & will give you extra scrub power.

You said you are doing your own brush have you fitted to Kite poles yet

Thanks Gary GMCS