Home Made Winmates

Any body build one? We have a few “real ones” that are on the way out… (there just getting old). I have seen a couple good homemade ones over the years. One was a piece of gutter, with end caps. It hooked onto the back of a stepladder for the A frame part. The other looked very similar to the “real” winmate but was made out of gutter and PVC tubbing. Does anyone have photos or plans for one they can share?

Mr.Evans makes a nice easel,i bought one from him.For what little storms i do (and i mean little) i’d rather take a beating then do storms:D But…it is handy for other things as well screen cleaning just to name one!

Tony Evans sells a “Storm Easel.”

That’s right he does! Wait he’s me:confused:
I use mine constantly and lately have been having problems finding the stepladder spreader braces. The company I use keeps sending me different styles and when I ask why they say they don’t have access:confused: to the other’s they sent me. I’m building one for someone right now and if it weren’t for the brace holdup it would have been sent out by now. Sorry to vent guys just had to get it off my chest!:wink:
Oh and Larry’s close it’s called the Storm Ease-L catchy huh?!

Any Pics of yours Tony? How does the cost compare to the Win-Mate?

Yeah Tony… Can we see the pics?

There are pics up on the Masters site. When you go to the page for joining the group they’re at the top of the page.

I’ve got a cheap quick alternative. I haven’t decided yet if I want to patent it or sell it.

Maybe I’ve said too much already.

(insert emoticon here) Where are the emoticons anyway?

PS - Chris, why do you have a picture of my back yard at the top of your forum?

I love my Win-Mate. Sure it was expensive but the amount of storm windows we deal with, it was worth it. I have seen brackets made for step ladders and have seen step ladders converted to storm easels but always thought the brackets weren’t wide enough and stable enough.

Tony, the one you make, are the dimensions similar to the Win-Mate? What’s the weight limit for yours? How does yours hold up to the test of time?

I’ve had my Win-Mate for years and the only thing wearing out is the trough. Is that the problem you’re having Chris? Or is the easel wearing out somehow?

I’ve used mine for 3 years now and have had big (3ft x 6ft) wodden storm panels on it w/ no problem as well as a storm panel that was 4ft by 4ft. The A frame is 2ft wide by 5ft high and the tray is 40" long. The size just described runs $200 w/ shipping (in the lower 48) and I can do fully customizable sizes. If you need two trays of varying size we can do it. If the A frame needs to be bigger or smaller we can do that. Win-Mate only offers one size. As I said my only problem is getting the braces consistently. I’ve even checked into having some locally made but they want to do such huge orders that it’s to much out of pocket for me. Hopefully I can figure out a solution. Also if a leg breaks or anything like that you can go to the harware store and repair it yourself. Can’t do that w/ a Win-Mate!

You amy need to check because at the wcers picnic this summer someone was selling a system that was just a tray w/ brackets to mount on a stepladder and he said his was patented. Just thought you’d want to know.

i personally use and make the brackets that connect onto the ladder rungs. my manufacturer is slow with my stuff so i am still waiting on my last order. i love the brackets appose to the easels because of storage space, and the brackets can be tossed around and no issue.

not to say what is better or not, this is just 1 opinion and i am partial :slight_smile:

I’ve seen something like that but this is a little different. It uses an existing product that has been converted to a “win mate” type of holder.

Do you also utilize a tray?