Home or Office Space?

Do you have a home office or do you have a office space outside your home?


For me i am have a home based business but transitioning into a office space outside the home.

My office is in my house.

Office in home, for now.

We had a great discussion in Iowa this year from Curt Kempton and Josh Cronin on why each of them preferred where they had their office. Curt preferred the home office and Josh preferred the offsite office. Each had compelling reasons for their decision. Maybe they will chime in here.

We are outside the home - I think its nice to get a little separation.

This is my “office,” lol! In the future I would like to go offsite, I agree with Chris about the separation

The need for separation is the reason I am trying to get out of my house. Plus as I acquire additional vehicles i won’t bother the neighbors.

How do you find reasonable places to lease? Commercial property can be high

depends what you really need to start

it can be broken down into smaller pieces, for instance:

one can leave their office and desk at home and start with a 10x10 self storage for people to meet and get supplies every morning and you as owner just show up with paperwork or whatever

can get an executive office about bedroom size for around $300 a month and combine with self storage, that’s an under $500 option for high comml property areas and totally out of the house.

2bedroom size office and a lot of warehouse - for smaller mfg operations, in center with many suites, seem to start in the $1200 range, the plus is all the trucks can park inside, Josh Cronin style place is what I am thinking of.

in the midwest, that type of setup can apparently be found for like $300 at times!

I would like a place with office space and at least a fenced area for a few trucks. Kinda hard to find. I have seen lotsa office space with daytime parking or commercial with inside parking, but they are more money the more sq ft under a roof. Not sure what to do. I want to hire some employees for next spring with a big direct mail campaign to support it. Not sure I want them coming to my home every day. For awhile yet, I will be at home and looking for the right space. I would like to use the down time in the winter to set up an office before spring. That will be nice when interviewing employee candidates.

I’m in an office… subleased from a bigger unit. They are storefronts in front, with big warehouse style rooms in back and garage doors.

The office is one room, about 20x10, and it’s the perfect size to have 2 desks and have the guys clock in and out from. We share space in the back to store whatever, have a large commercial sink to get our water out of, and can park 1 van inside either garage when needed. We’ve got space out front to park 20+ vehicles if ever needed. I live in an apartment so having people clock in there, or start the day from there, wasn’t an option.

If you can afford it, DO it! You don’t need a storefront location – look for a place to sublet from.

I had sublet from a customer in the past, it worked out well - office and warehouse like Taylon described

I bet pricing is way better in Idaho than Calif

and no, no, no, you are on the right track, that is the absolute worst, having people show up at your house every day. Interviewing certainly gives more confidence to the employee when its not at a house too.

I put up a small building on my property as an office

Yeah, I moved out of CA last year. We are about half or so from CA prices. Still with a seasonal business, and year round expenses, I get nervous. One thought is to make a double payment through spring summer and maybe fall to get through winter without making a payment.

Looks like you have the perfect office atmosphere in your profile pic, Bruce :cool:

wish i was back there now!

I’ve always thought that was an ideal situation for a smaller size co, well I suppose it could work out well for a larger one, depending on the property etc

But my choice would be to have the house in the back, the office in the front part but with the driveway veering off to the side to a 4 car gar size setup. By veering off to the side and a substantial distance from the house, there’s no people or trucks near the “I’m home now” zone. All blocked off with lots of trees and bushes so that I can’t see which trucks are back and all that mental garbage [B][I][U]AND[/U][/I] so that employees don’t know if I’m home or not[/B]

probably take 1.5+ acres to have the distance/separation I would want

interviewing though, ugh, still have to have all these people knowing where you live and all that yada yada, yech.

I have a dedicated office in my home with a separate dedicated room for equipment.

Warehouse space is pricey in my area.

If everything goes well i am looking to sublet from a company that already has space with his business for an office and a section of warehouse i can use for equipment. I hope it works out for us both.

I feel having a location for your business other than a PO box adds weight and a measure of comfort for potential buyers. Even if my time in the office is to read on this forum :slight_smile: