Homeowner Assn. Newsletter vs Flier Method

If you had the choice of distributing fliers in neighborhoods or placing an ad in the homeowners association newsletter, what would you do and why? There are about 12 homeowners assocations within a 5 mile radius of my home with above average priced/sized homes and they all have a newsletter that I can advertise in. A 1/4 page ad per issue runs about $75.00. The only problem is that they are distributed every 3 months. Any feedback would be greatly appreicated.

For $300 you can be in a newsletter for a year. Why not?

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How do you find the HOAs?
How do you find the ones that have newsletters?


HOA are Home Owner Associations. Most gated/condo/adult type of communites have news letters. It’s pretty simple if you know the name of the community look it up online and their should be contact info on the site. If they don’t have a website call that number ahh what is it? Oh yeah 411.

The price is not bad if you have the bread. The one thing I noticed about news letters and communities is that I tend to get most of my calls from them the week they are sent to the customers homes. After that the calls fall off. I presume it’s cause most people read the news letter the 1st week then toss it. Put a coupon someplace in the ad or make the entire ad one lagre coupon. For some reason people like to cut that stuff out. I have ran ad’s displaying 1st time customer discounts etc, not in coupon form and I did not get as many calls as the coupon ones. Just put a dotted line around the ad and mention someplace to “Mention the coupon during the call and present it at the time for service.”

Sounds like a no brainer…one or two jobs pays for itself. Also if you wanted to save $75…dont put it in the final quarter paper(winter), where you might no get lots of calls(depending where you live)