Honk Honk!

I recently bought a color laser printer. This way I can print up my own fliers and such and track how well they do. I’m currently trying several different ideas and waiting on the results.

But I got curious as to how many people really read the magnets on my truck. So I printed this funny little bumpter sticker. Today in a 30 mile stretch on the interstate I got 3 honks! No phone calls though; but that’s ok, it was raining like crazy.

Anyhow, this is just another way to get more attention, and some laughs.

That is awesome!


Isn’t it funny how ppl will read a bumper sticker and not pay attention to anything else about a vehicle or what else may be written on it . Very nice :smiley:

Nice… I’m stealing it :cool:

me too :wink:

Yeah, I got try this too! Nice idea. This is why I love coming to the WCR. So awesome!

I’m doing this w/ my logo! Great idea!

Love them Tundras! :slight_smile:

Micah - you are the champ of magnet-related ideas.

I’m gonna try this one too.

How do you print magnets?

Hey Micah, I was thing about getting a Laser Color printer too, but haven’t done a lot of research so far, which is crucial to get a good quality product that can be operated without having to sell any organs. Saw a few interesting deals on color lasers but toners are killer, even the non-original ones.

What you have to say about that? What you got? How’s the quality ?
No… it’s me , not Larry :smiley:

Thats Hott!!!

The printer I got was a Brother HL-4040CN. Color laser and prints 21 pages per minute in color, so it’s pretty quick. The toner is about 75 dollars each and theres 4 to replace. The printer comes with full set of toner with it though.

The bumper stickers are not magnetic. They’re like a very flexible paper, almost like a plastic. Adhesive on the back. You can pull it off to reposition it or whatever too without the messy glue, not quite like your regular bumper sticker. I got these at Office Depot. There’s a ton of differnet things you could use these for other then bumper stickers too…

I like the Tundra too. :slight_smile:

I LIKE. How long do they last or are you waiting to find out?

Definitely you, Carlos!

I’ve used both of these products (with a spray of clearcoat to protect):

Thanks Larry. I’m probably better getting them printed on plastic sheets & using the adhesive to stick to the magnet. I’ve not seen them before! We might get them in around 10 years.
Hanson just made top of the charts here :o

Thought they were dead.