Hose Protector

I had my hose running across a road one day when a large 18 wheeler drove over it, I was amazed it didn’t damage my hose but got to thinking what if it had?
The following day I was working on a construction site and I got talking to a guy who was dismantling some temporary traffic signals, I noticed a large rubber coil that they used to run electric cables across a road and chatted to him about it, I let it accidently slip lol How handy that would be for protecting my hose and would you believe it he let me have a roll Lol.

I took it home and tried to fit my micro hose into it but the cut was to narrow, I got my circular saw out and increased the size of the channel so that my hose became a tight fit in it, It was 6’ long and the first day I used it was on a public footpath that is about 4’ wide, the other 2’ was hanging over the edge of the sidewalk and some fool of a driver managed to park his car on the over hang.
When I got home I decided to cut it into 2 sections 4’ & 2’ that are ideal sizes for my use.
If I run it across the sidewalk I use the 4’ one and if I run it across a road I add both sections.
Here in the UK the health and safety has gone over the top along with adverts on TV if you have had an accident in the past 3 years call us, What they do is sue who ever is responsible and I don’t want to be on there list, this hose protector stops anyone tripping over it along with warning signs I hope I’m covered, also across a road it helps protect it from traffic driving over it.

Here’s a few pictures of it and also of it in use across a road in a small village.

In use across the road

Very cool Jeff! I’d like some of that myself.

Just look out for any temporary traffic signals with cable running across the road, I’m not saying steel it lol Just ask the guy’s if they have a spare piece.

What worried me about the 18 wheeler running across my hose was bursting it, when it didn’t, I thought what if my hose was laying on top of a stone and that 18 wheeler or a car drove over it, I’m sure it would have caused damage

It would be a nice thing for suppliers to look at?