Hose reel inlet size, does it matter?

Picked up a hose reel today which has a 3/8" INLET, but noticed the reels up on WCR have a 1/2" inlet. I planned on using 3/8" hose with this reel straight to my 5/16 WFP hose anyways, so I’m assuming it’s being reduced to 3/8" either way, so does it matter?

Reel didn’t come with any fittings, where does everyone pick up a brass 90 degree swivel joint?

Just want to be sure it won’t affect anything, and if it does I’ll attempt to exchange it.

No, it won’t matter much. Only time it matters is when you’re running RO as well.

You can get a brass swivel at a couple places. Pressure washer dot net is just off the 67frwy, and also ECS off Clairmont Mesa Blvd and the 8. Both places are expensive.

It would be better to go stainless steel. That’ll run you about 90 bucks.

It sounds like this is for your supply hose after your DI (or RO/DI) so it won’t be an issue. What connection is on the side of the reel now?

Thanks Tory, no RO unit here. I found a few places online I can grab one for about $30, going to check some local supply stores tomorrow when they’re open. I went out after work today to try and grab a swivel fitting, but every place closes at 5pm!

Tony, yes I forgot to mention this is for my supple hose, which of course is after my DI tank. What’s the reasoning behind it not making a difference after the tank? I’ll be running standard 5/8" from source > tank, and then from tank > reel swivel fitting which is where it obviously gets reduced. There are currently no connections on the reel whatsoever, just a 3/8 inlet. It’s a Reelcraft, and the connect on the inner drum looks like a zinc plates tubing that is even smaller than 3/8" which I connect my hose too with just a standard male NTF fitting.

My concern is the constant inlet/outlet changes the water is going through, I don’t want it to effect flow/pressure.

5/8 source > tank
5/8 tank > hose reel
hose reel reduces to 3/8, and then looks like a zinc plated tubing that is even smaller than 3/8, and then BACK to my 3/8 supply hose, and connects to my 5/16 WFP line.

[MENTION=71]mistersqueegee[/MENTION], Here is what I’m talking about :

The only issue you could have is leaking at those connections. Use teflon tape on every threaded connection to eliminate this issue. Other than that we all have some connectors on our hoses and they are all slightly smaller that the hose itself. No need to worry.