HOT Window Cleaning in the HOOOooouse!

Greetings! I’ve been browsing this site for a few months and feel like I already know a few of you…a little to well.

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello. This seems like a great community and I’ve already learned a lot! Im only sorry it took so long to find it.

My background is in High-technology sales, which may be the reason its so easy to sell window cleaning services. I was laid off in 2009 and did some business consulting, web design and SEO work. As I was out prospecting for my business consulting I couldn’t help but notice that Austin if FULL of filthy, dirty windows! Hence, H.O.T Window Cleaning was born!

I’ve been focusing on commercial cleaning since I like reoccurring revenue streams, but am really going to ramp up residential marketing over the next week. (They say that’s where you really make though the dough!)

Anyway, Im pretty good around websites and search engine optimization and will be happy to help any of ya’ll out if you have questions.

Thanks again for the great community!



Ryan, welcome…looking forward to your posts

Welcome Mr Heart Of Texas.


I had to say I laughed like hell when I saw this in my rss. Welcome.

Normally I hate acronym names… I kinda like H.O.T :smiley:

Nice to hear from you


Whats up Ryan. I love Austin.

I am moving to Austin. How do you like it there?


You bet your tushy

Tired of the cold weather, Paul?:smiley:

What’s up!

I am tired of a lot here.

Cold is at #1

I love Austin. I use to travel a lot so I have plenty to compare it to. Its cool if you like the live music scence, but Austin has a lot more to offer. Beautiful Hills, Rock Climbing, over a hundred swimming holes within 45 minutes. A great artsy culture, low taxes and great golfing weather 10 months out of the year!


I was reading they have the best music scene in the US. I
would have never guessed that.

I’ll give you a holler when I get there… you can point me
to the best watering holes

The best metal band is from Texas- Pantera:) But, you might not be into that power groove metal. ha ha


Whatever you do in your decision to move, don’t rush it. I moved nearly 3,000 miles ( to be near family, start up a family business, etc. ) One of the worst mistakes in my life:mad: Weigh the pros and cons. If the cons outweigh the pros don’t do it man. You will hate it. Trust me, I grew up in Pennsylvania where you have nearly 6 months of winter. It does get old quick but I would rather shovel 3 feet of snow then live in Las Vegas! I am not kidding.

Since, you do alot of copywriting and marketing I am sure that could hold you over during the winter. Hide your money like a squirrel hides its nuts( sorry for that analogy). But, hey you might like Texas. Who knows. I just don’t want you to make a mistake like I did. ( moved to a warmer climate ).

Sorry H.O.T. for hi-jacking your thread and in no way am I knocking Texas. I just think some people feel its so bad were they live and they have to go somewhere totally different. And yes, I am more of a 4 seasons kind of guy.