House Call Pro vs thumbtack which one do you thinks better

I’ve been looking into both and just want to know well thank

If I go verbatim, you got two different things going on, here…

But if I’m guessing, you are looking for the better ‘gaining new cust’ aspect.
(since one has both CRM and lead generation, and the other is lead gen only.)

My answer is, neither. I don’t use HC or Thumbtack for new cust.

That’s awesome, :confused:
I’ve spent 5 minutes waiting you time.

  • sorry about that, man.

You’re comparing apples to oranges a bit here.

Thumbtack is for lead gen and paying dollars to talk to new customers that could potentially lead to jobs (or most often not).

HouseCall Pro is software built to help you run your business and increase repeat & referral clients & reviews.

With HCP you can also turn on your listing in HouseCall which is the booking app. Depending on your location, you may get job requests from new clients, but the chances are low if you’re starting out.

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tried thumbtack for 2 years now… landed a large job the first month… since then several estimates but no jobs. i know guys that do well with it.

Stop enabling third party B.S.
These guys are nothing without you.

  • and in turn, you pay to make yourselves nothing without THEM.

I understand that it’s tough to get things going at the beginning
(I’m lying-honestly, I don’t believe most of you have a clue about “tough” in this day/age)

It can get frustrating when you quit your job
to be an owner of a Window Cleaning company,
and don’t take in $100k your first month.

“Time,” dude.

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