Just wanted to say congratulations to my favorite soccer team, [B][SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Impact”]HOUSTON DYNAMO[/FONT][/SIZE][/B]!! on their victory against Toronto.

Toronto didn’t go down without a fight and scored one goal, but it wasn’t enough to take down…


Alert! It’s baseball season. Go O’s! Go Giants!

Congrats also go to Rice, they knocked off A&M and are headed to the College World Series.

Congrats to Spain for beating Russia last night in Soccer. Euro 2008!

and the Ruskies are a tough team.

In IPSC combat shooting there are two brothers, from Australia, who are still reinging champs after years. In the next top ten 3 are Canadians…

Great for combat shooting :slight_smile:
In Germany (US base) in my first combat shooting event, I placed 40th out of 180 entries.

My second event I came in 21st.
In Archery my first event, I came in 12th out of 75
Second event 4th out of about 70

It pays to play in the woods growing up :slight_smile:

I understand they give you a red card if you shoot someone in soccer.

I ranked 950 in chess club.

Um. Yeah. I was a real cool kid.

That is a popular misconception.