How About Them Bruins!

I grew up a Bruins fan.

Nobody watches hockey. jk

Although I usually deplore anything that represents the toxic wasteland that people call Boston, I can swallow my Yankee pride and say the Bruins did a great job this season.

I can;t hate, to the best team goes the victory. Besides, I’ve never had an argument / fistfight / blowout / bar brawl with a Bruins fan… we usually never get past discussing the Red Sox before all that crap happens.

That’s not true! I watched the game last night. :slight_smile:

I’m always down for a couple rounds with a Yankme fan :slight_smile:

I watched the game too. With 10 seconds left they should have knocked all of Burrows and Hansens teeth out.

That was a great series. Well Vancouver got beat my my team in 93/94 by the NYRANGERS & now by Boston. OOOHHHHHH WELL. Better luck next time (not)

Kevin was so mad he lit some cars on fire…I saw it on the news…J/K

I saw that too. He had his face painted and kept yelling “Kill the Unicorn!!”

Wont it be great to have the cup and world series in same year :wink:

Shouldn’t it be Devil pride? I love the irony of someone from Jersey calling Boston a toxic wasteland.

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We walked into our favorite neighborhood bar/grill last night and everyone was goin crazy( 10 people were litterally dancing on the bar). I knew it was a Redsox bar, so I thought that’s what the celebration was for. Then, I saw all the bruins shirts and was told by our very tipsy server that the bruins won the Stanley Cup.
Good for them… Still trying to figure out whether this Stanley Cup thing is just a fancy Nalgene or what…