How big a leap should I take?

I would like to start a WC business and am not sure how much to shoot for as far as add-ons etc. to get started. I can’t start for a few months because of family commitments so I have plenty of time to learn and be prepared.

I have been on here learning as much as I can and this is where I am so far with my thoughts on how I should start.

I would like to concentrate primarily on residential but was thinking that some storefront accounts would help get me through the slow times. I am pretty interested in getting a Glass Renu system and training. I would like to include restoration as part of the services I offer. It seems that there will always be a need for graffiti removal no matter what the season. (maybe not as much when it’s cold though cuz the knuckleheads might be indoors more) I like the fact that you can locate customers that need graffiti removal and target only them.

I also like the idea of offering soft-washing. It seems to be a nice service to add for residential. My biggest reservation is transporting the p-washer. I have a 06 Tacoma 4dr with a shell.

Gutter service? (not many trees in my area)
Bird Prevention? (lots of pigeons around here)

We do : Window Cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure/soft wash cleaning. Seems to keep me and my two full timers hopping.

Many of the services you mention seem to go together. I do power washing, gutters and screen repair along with windows. If you are a 1 man show, you may want to concentrate on windows for awhile. However, it’s an easy thing to mention to your clients that you do these other services and see if they are interested. I just don’t like to leave too much money on the table. I’d rather they pay me to do these other services than hire someone else. I have a part time employee that I can call on for the extra work when things get busy. I also plan to hire at least 1 more part timer and maybe 1 full time guy. That way, I know I can handle what ever a client wants. One should be careful to avoid being spread too thin or doing more than you are qualified or experienced to do.

Monty, I agree with the statement Phil made, "“One should be careful to avoid being spread too thin or doing more than you are qualified or experienced to do.” Stick to window cleaning at first until you are a confident and professional window cleaner.Then you can do the add-ons! I’m not telling you how to operate your biz. “Just don"t become a jack of all trades and a master of none”!!

I agree. In my own experience, it’s definitely better and much more productive to get one service established before adding others. Kind of like the difference between doing one puzzle or trying to do 4 at the same time. While you can do 4 at a time, it takes much longer to get any one of them complete - and they don’t make you as much money or offer you as much potential until they are complete.

Thanks for the replys.

Yes, I will be a one man show. Soft washing seems like such a great service to offer and it will compliment the window service. It also is so much easier for people to deal with one business than have to deal with two.

I am really leaning toward cleaning and restoration with a ? about the p-washing. I envision including that at some point. I am just not sure if I should start with it as well. As far as the other add-ons, I think it might be a little much at first. I definietely don’t want to be a master of none.

Yeah, that’s why I am looking for input. Thanks.

So what does everyone think about the graffitti removal and a few store front accounts to keep me working through the lean times? I am not really sure how busy I would be doing residential in the winter in my area. I am probably not going to be able to start until August or September (I know, not ideal). I wish it could be now. So with that in mind and realizing that the p-washing/soft washing probably won’t help much through the winter, maybe the following spring would be a good time to add that service.

“[COLOR=#3E3E3E]How big a leap should I take?”

Grand Canyon my friend.[/COLOR]

I hear ya. Thing is though, I don’t only want to make it to the other side, I want to do so with style. :slight_smile:

I have been doing well with adding one service per year.

Sounds like a good way to make sure you are effective and efficient with each before jumping into the next.