How can I be so bad at fanning?

It doesn’t matter how much I practice, after I fan a window and inspect it the next day, there are always thin arcing lines from microscopic trails of left-behind solution.

Help me out…LEARN ME!


How long has it been sense you changed your rubber?

your rubber may be bad, you may be hitting the corners of the window, your blade may have dirt, hair, etc on it.

That being said, I think I only really mastered fanning after about 6 months of trying.

use less soap… practice/practice

Buy that dudes video on how to squeegee.

There has to be a hundred videos featuring a dude teaching people how to squeegee. I like the video “Advanced Window Cleaning Skills DVD”. It is sold right here on WCR. I would not say though that it is a how to fan video though.

How long have you been cleaning windows professionally?

Karl said it once when I was first learning, but ALWAYS have a leading edge to the squeegee. So as your “cutting” down the arc of solution from the top, make sure whichever end of the squeeg your pushing left or right first, it has such an angle to guide the water backwards to where you haven’t squeegeed yet(below). I think of it as kinda cutting sideways along the glass.

Also, try to give yourself a 1-2inch overlap of dry glass at the top or “leading edge” of the pass.

Hope that might help. I learned by myself too and I know it’s frustrating. I’ve been cleaning windows for 4 years and still mess up occasionally.

if rubber is dull, or too dirty of water, or when you are fanning left or right your leading edge might be to short and a little water is running up.

Its the other one made in the 70’s. He spends alot of time on fanning. Maybe 1/2hr. The DVD has an old and updated version.

Glad I am not the only one i guess practice makes perfect



Is he a southpaw?

I am a lefty and man that video feels like forever ago.

Only advice I can give is practice practice practice… oh and make sure you have a fresh rubber on the glass.

Good Luck!!

I change rubber every week or so depending on volume.

is every window you fan comming out crummy or do they get worse throughout the day? as someone mentioned above, dirty water will cause poor results.

I have that one, its a good DVD.

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Can I get back on subject? I didn’t see anyone mention to check your squeegee rubber setup.
It kind of sounds like your rubber is in too tight. If you look at either end of the rubber, does it look like a skilift? If so that will make streaks on the window, no matter how new the rubber is or clean your water is.
Also, if the rubber is wavy from one side to the other, it is too loose, and you have two channel clips in place. Take one out and save it, you don’t need to use two channel clips at the same time.

Hope this helps!
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