How do I get a google review removed

So this clown from over 3000 miles away had some cleaner by the name of Steve, he felt he was hard done by this person, so searches online for a person to complain about and targets me. Left a 1 star review stating I got to the job then demanded more money then never completed the job and blocked his number.

I have never met this person, do not offer the services he is complaining about and oh yeah live and operate over 3000 miles away from him, how do I get this erroneous review removed as I have already lost business from this review and would like to not lose any more, anyone with experience with this please chime in.

So, getting a review removed used to be hard. Ever since big tech started using Covid-19 as an excuse to let their customer service lag (big time), getting a review removed is all but impossible.

The first thing you should do is respond and tell your side of the story. Commiserate with the reviewer and be empathetic. Don’t act the fool, but do be firm that you never performed work for them and that they are 3000 miles away. A 1 star review can actually be a positive thing for your image if you respond in a professional manner.

Then, flag the review as a conflict of interest. This is probably a fool’s errand right now but it can’t hurt.

Finally, once you have responded, edit the response every few weeks or so. The reviewer will get notified when you edit your review, even if its just adding punctuation or something. They may eventually realize their error and either remove or change their tune. This is a longshot, but I have seen it work a few times when I ran my marketing agency.


what he said and…
the easiest way is to do as above and then bury it 5 star reviews but i see you only 4 reviews in total so maybe it’s time to put some effort into getting more. I got a 1 star this springfor failing to go in person to and estimate but as chri says you answer it, then bury it if someone sees a 1 star with a couple hundred 5 star it’s just not an issue.

Flag it, explain what you just said to google and hope they remove it. I did this for 2 reviews one they deleted instantly, one they declined to review and I reported it again weeks later and they took it down.

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Thanks guys for the input, I flagged it already google said they reviewed it and said they were gonna leave it there.

Well the customer I booked yesterday a $520 job said when she saw the review she was just gonna move to the next WC on the list, then said she read my response, she thought my response was good and called me for a quote, now I’m not sure, I have only responded once to the person giving the erroneous review, and that was even before I investigated further and found out he was on the other side of the country.

Should I edit the response to mention the fact I don’t even operate in the state the reviewer is from?

In the past I have ever encouraged or even asked customers to leave a review, I see many other companies around doing it, I just let it have a will of its own for the most part, as these days I don’t have any paid advertising or even a website anymore, I haven’t updated my face book in a couple of years.
In the town I live its all about word or mouth, I get many more calls now than before when I was spending thousands of dollars a year in advertising/marketing.

Most days I get 3-4 calls mixture of new quotes and rebooking next cleans. I guess I just liked having 5 stars and only positive things said about my business and I work very hard to be well known as being the best in town.

Hey, at least it’s google, and not yelp. You can actually get more reviews on Google. Yelp is junk.

My one and only bad review is on yelp. I have well over a dozen 5 star reviews since then, that have all been hidden. I finally gave up :man_shrugging:

At the end of every appointment, as I’m saying goodbye, I’ll add, “Could you do me a favor? Would you mind leaving a quick review on one of our pages, either Google, Facebook, or wherever? Thanks so much, it’s a big help to our small business.”


Thats cuz Yelp is a shakedown. No pay = no good reviews



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