How do I keep my employees

I am new to the business and I have tried to hire people to help me out. I have paid them hourly starting at $12 (I was strarted at $9) had a guy at $15, I also tried paying them a percentage of every job sometimes costing me as much as $20 hr and I still have problems finding the right guy.

They quit after a month or two, start to come in late, dont show up, dont call, and even had a guy steal from me because he kept borrowing more money that he was making in a wk and I finally put a stop to it.

So, is there any advice out there that might help me choose and keep happier employees on board. I got some good advice on interviewing now Im looking for retention tips.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That’s a very complicated issue that probably cannot be fully addressed in just a forum thread. That one issue is the single biggest headache a small business owner faces and the reason that many business cannot grow despite great marketing. let’s face it, if you create new jobs through snazzy marketing only to fall on your face with sorry employees, you’re still headed toward failure.

My suggestion is to read, read, read and apply, apply, apply what you have learned. Good books such as Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends… Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell, Leader to Leader by the Peter Drucker Foundation, The 17 Laws of Teamwork by John Maxwell, Boundaries by Cloud/Townsand, and The Power of Agreement by Brian D. Molitor.

Also, if you have a fax I can send you some of the handouts from a seminar on how to hire right that I attended a couple of years ago that will at least get you going in the right direction. Just PM me you fax#

A owner of a brick masonry company once told me that he tells his guys that “when the day is over and the cement mixer is cleaned and washed out, we are friends. until then, you work for me and im the owner”.

This has alot of truth to it. I have been guilty of being too nice and easy going. Most people can admire you for not breathing down their neck all day- some take serious advantage of it. I started out with the mentality of “they work with me, not for me”. That statement will get you so walked on, you wont know what happened to you.

I feel every business owner wants to create a good atmosphere and a good place to work. I still do as a matter of fact. I just address things directly instead of waiting for something or someone to get better. If you have an employee thats coming in late- take action. If you are getting call backs, take action, If they are milking the clock on you, take action. You have to or you are truely not the boss.

Another thing I would suggest would be to outline all of the things of the job title. Weekends, starting times, moonlighting, using company vehicles for personal use, non competes, stealing from the company, attendance policy, slow periods etc. You have to look at every aspect of your business that they will take advantage of you on. Put something in place that will discourage them to even test you. Write ups or firings. Be fair but be firm. You have to have the leadership skills to be a boss or at least learn them-like I did. Employees need direction. If you let guys get away with too much, it will sour the rest of your workers.

I have a personal friend with a Phd in statistics who has developed an assessment instrument that will help you pick the right people from the list of candidates you might be looking at. If interested in info go to Qi Matrix | Empowered Decisions at a Glance