How do I

justify purchasing this:

Oh man, I can stop thinking about it… The possibilities seem endless.

Chewy’s cheaper!

Chris remember the Nike slogan - Just Do It!

You got problems, Chris.

But not as big of problems as one of my good friends. Search: star wars | Flickr

[SIZE=“1”]Pics taken by another good friend, RIP E.Sese[/SIZE]

I have a buddy with a room just like that! He has over 30,000 items in his collection. He did buy the chewy and storm trooper costumes as well. The really sad thing is that he is in a local club where everyone gets together…in costume! and yes I am jealous…of the toys not the dress up time. Then again it would be cool to have a library like mid-evil times with all the knight armor but instead have them all be storm troopers!

Cool isn’t the word. It would be AWESOME!

I see the problems run in the family.

You could always do what you mentioned this weekend and just go with the helmet for now. Thats an affordable $65.99!! And although the very real possibility of one day catching you somewhere playing storm trooper dress up completely captivates my imagination at this moment, seeing you in just the helmet and plain clothes might be equally as humorous!!

I think, it’s sad to say, that Chris wasn’t actually going for the humorous angle here…


you guys are weird :smiley:

I told Chris this poster will hold true until he actually owns a full on storm trooper costume!!

Chris: Gonna wear it in ATL?

Chris your birthday’s right around the corner. If I can get Eric the midget to pitch in your all set!!!

Chris if you take Larry’s suggestion and wear it in ATL you can write it off your taxes as a business expense!:wink:

how do you pee in a storm suit???

Sponge stuffed in the codpiece!:eek:

Ding Ding…what is a colostomy bag! I’ll take the yellow storm trooper suit for $200

Im not sure this is something I could wear in public…

I sort of envisioned wearing it around the house, and maybe on a episode of nation.

wearing it around the house is almost worse than wearing it in public.

I mean when you say that I picture you in the suit vacuuming or washing dishes. not sure why but that would be funny. or maybe this…joking of course.