How do they get elected?

A couple of weeks ago I was walking through some neighborhoods passing out my fliers. As I was walking around, I noticed all of the political signs scattered around the most heavily traveled roads promoting all of the candidates for office.

The ones that I paid particular notice to were those that were running for little known offices. Of course we all know who is running for Governor because of those annoying adds blasting us during our dinner time. But what about those offices that don’t run adds? Like the Sheriff, County Assessor, and Judge. How do they get to be known? They put signs every where they can and make their name known so much that when you go to the voting booth, a vote for them is almost automatic when you see their name on the ballot.

So I made some signs (100 ea.) and put them in well traveled areas in high end neighborhoods. It was just an experiment and since they only cost me $200, if I didn’t get any calls at all, it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

My phone blew up! I am now booked up COMPLETELY for the next 5 weeks!

I guess the lesson I learned from this little experiment was that I was concentrating so hard on marketing using the traditional window cleaning marketing methods, that I wasn’t thinking outside the box and taking a page from other industries.

Name recognition is invaluable. Who doesn’t see golden arches and know that there is fast food waiting nearby?

Here we have a lot of neighborhoods that are No Soliciting. And those particular neighborhoods are often next to other neighborhoods that don’t have the No Soliciting signs. And many times these neighborhoods are connected by streets so it’s difficult to tell whats No Soliciting and what’s OK.

Anyway I don’t have the funds for direct mailings so I just ordered 100 signs to setup at street corners and see if I can’t generate any interest this way while still respecting their No Solicitation rule. I think it’s a great idea. Will have to see how effective it is. All I know is it’s hot as heck here right now and walking door to door is taking a serious toll. And dang if a 1000 flyers isn’t a lot!!

Brett I like everything you do!

  • I put out 2,000 signs in 1 week… Gave our company well over a months worth of work. (some people were ****ed @ all the signs as you could imagine)