How do ya work this thing

Hey guys…

I suppose iv been a member of this forum for a few weeks now and would like to start posting regularly but have one problem…

I cant work the thing…Ha,

Now don’t worry, i’m not blaming the forum itself, i know its very user friendly and well designed, that’s obvious…No its not the forum itself but instead its me that’s the problem…I wouldn’t be very computer literate.

So maybe if one of the wcr staff or anyone out there reading this could answer a few q’s i have…

I want to be able to receive messages and all that carry on and essentially have a sort of blog like some of you guys have when i click on your profile…I also want to make friends and so forth…how do i do that

also what i don’t understand is if i make a new post or create a new thread how do i know when someone has responded to this thread or post…i mean
theoretically one could have several posts going at the same time…so how do you keep track of the threads without missing a post directed at you? the only way of seeing if you are getting a response, by searching and scrolling through posts until you come across your post again

Also just if there is anything else in general i should know maybe you could tell me just enough so i can operate this forum smoothly.

Actually now that i think about it there is probably some help screen staring me in the face on this website but i am just too ignorant too see it…so if that’s the case apologies

Hope to hear from you guys any way

Oh and one more question…how do you guys get links under each post you make and how do you get phrases and motto’s under every post you make…that’s pretty cool i wanna be able to do that

and now that i look below the screen here as i post what does thread subscription mean and whats a prefix…God i am very bad i know bear with me…Maybe if one of you guys have a set of instructions as how to use the whole forum handy you might be able to post it here

again apologies for my ignorance in computer operation

Click on the “usercp” (user control panel) button at the top-left of the webpage. That will allow you to access and personalize your profile (edit signature for those sayings; edit avatar; etc.)

To check new messages, you can click on the “quicklinks” button at the top-right of the webpage. Then click on “Today’s Posts” to see the latest posts on all topics. You’ll need to follow the chronological dialog to find where you last left off.

Hi Rob,

Like Larry said, click “usercp” at the top of the page. Once it opens, look on the left side of the screen under “user control panel”. There are a ton of options to play with.

Start there, go down the list one at a time and just play with all the options.

As far as posting, simply go to the last post and click “post reply” a new screen will appear and you can type out something.

Shoot me or Chris an e-mail or pm if you are having trouble.

Thanks for your interest in the site!

Hey Rob

If you would want to give me a call this week, in 5 minutes I can run you through all your questions and have you posting like a pro. Alex and have also been toying with the idea of making a few “forum how to videos”

Quick little ones on how to post pictures / Videos how to run polls etc…

larry, alex, chris

thanks for the help.

wouldnt be the best with the old computer…

ye that usercp button really helps…gives me a starting place anyway,

should have the whole site cracked now within next few days…

live over here in ireland chris so ringing you could be a problem with area codes…but ye i think i finally mastering this thing…

keep up the work lads this site is great help

talk you soon

oh your in Ireland… yeah he whole phone bill thing… I left a 30 second message in the UK last month and I got a $23 bill… ouch.

Thats rough, Ye wouldn be used to the long dist calls myself

anyway thanks for the help