How do you avoid tank freezing early season?

Hi WCR fans, I will soon have my in van WFP tank set up finished and will have a step by step video to follow. I am excited to get the season under way.
Early season though here in Ohio we have days well above freezing and could use pure water cleaning during the day. But, over night the temps may drop into the mid 20’s.
This can happen even clear up to May in rare cases. I do not have a heated garage that my Van will fit into.
So my question is, What do you do if your tank is full and a 22 degree over night is coming? Do you use an electric heater in your Van or add rubbing alcohol to keep your tank, hoses, and pump from freeze damage?
Thanks for your reply!

Here’s a video from the end of our season but it would hold true to start yours.


I use a pet heating pad and quilted moving blankets to cover my RHG RO/DI electric cart in my van.

Go to Walmart and buy electric pipe wrap and wrap it around your tanks and plug it in. It comes with a thermostat so you can set it…and forget it Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cables - 30’ 120v heat tape orange w/thermosta: Heating, Cooling, & Air Quality

Hi Tony, I like the heater Idea best so far. Do you have any temperature device on the van that gives you a warning if the temp inside the van drops or do you just count on the reliability of the heater?
I have one of those atomic clocks with an indoor / outdoor temp gauge. I could mount the out door in my van but it would not make any warning noises if I were not awake to watch it. Is there such a device, that you know of?

I know I’m not Tony, but there are portable heaters you can buy with anti freeze settings.

That would be a money saver as well. I have a small one that is on low,med,high, or off. It would have to run all night even if temps stayed above freezing.
Thanks Sethfenster

The thermostat on my heater kicks off when the temp gets warm then back on when it cools down so it’s not just on all the time. Of course it doesn’t have the ability to turn itself on at freezing like the one Seth was talking about. I just put it in the van turn it on and it does the rest.

Tony, that is good, as you can experiment to see what temp kicks it on.
By the way, I enjoy your videos, like the cold weather tips. I notice you do not point out the window at the snow, like I would, but rather you video out in the cold, snow, and wind that is popping your mic! A real “practice what you preach” kind of guy! Great job!
By the way we almost have our tank in the van with dual pumps set up finished. We still need to do the wiring of the batteries, and figure out where to put our displaced convention equipment. Also a little warm up to be safe filling it up with pure water.
We are working on a video. It should be finished in a week or two. I will post it on the forum of course!
(here are a few pics)