How do you beat the Jan/Feb blues?

Just curious what some of you do to prevent the "pane"ful slow down of January and February? I am looking to be more proactive and avoid that down time.

Hi Robin

In years past we didnt even try to fight it we just relied on our store front commercial stuff. We plan to fight it this year though with a direct mail campaign highlighting the benefits of getting windows cleaned in the winter.

We will toss in a great price offer and hopefully it will pan out. In years past come June / July I would start to get a knot in my stomach thinking about the winter. Im actually kind of excited about it this year.

Oh and if you do Store front / Commercial its a great time of year to pick up accounts. Swoop in for the sale when other cleaners stop showing up.

thanks chris. i have done away with most of my commercial work here…not profitable at all. as far as advertising…this year i decided to do some advertising to indeed help w/ the jan/feb issue. in years past i have been content w/ the business i do, but this year not so…i am excited about doing more! i have never tried direct mail only because 1/2 of my target market only lives here on weekends and summers. how would you target a majority retired/senior citizens market? i am thinking some type of promotion for jan/feb. still not sure what though…maybe geared specifically to retired or ages – and older. whatta think?

I have about 20 homes that I do some or all the outs on every month. I’m working on expanding that area of my business for the winter. I’ll also be working on a flier campaign for the spring.

i’m curious…a little off my original subject, but how to sell a monthly window cleaning? and who is your target market for that? and sell i really mean how do you price that…i am very interested!

I target my higher end customers. When you do the first service some people tell you how much they value having their “view” back. That’s the time to swoop and offer to do some or all of the outs every month, 2 months, or quarterly (I have accounts in all those categories). For current customers if you know they have some windows that are high profile or view windows (in their opinion) then call them and offer this service since the fall colors are coming. As far as price I charge a little more than half the regular pane price since it becomes a maintenance clean. The exception would be for a small amount of windows ( I do one picture window for a client once a month and charge $10). Hope this helps.

great information. i am definitely going to start this up-sell.

I’m thinking of starting residential power washing power washing. Might not be advisable depending on where you live, but I’m from san diego and think this should work to supplement the slow down. (And yes we socal people do see somewhat of a slow down here, people freak out when it rains here.)

Well, I live in Minnesota and had the busiest January ever this year. Do you know what I did? advertised! I could not believe when I passed out 200 cheapy fliers and got 6 calls.

Like Chris I am bringing it this winter

I have an “add on” regular service that comes and cleans the outside windows every 2 months. I did a small test with about 30 of my customers and had 5 sign up. I am getting ready to do the rest with an improved marketing package.

Yes, it works.

hey we already do residential pressure washing. we can pretty much do it year around here in eastern north carolina…customers tend to be a little leary when it’s so cold but as long as it is above freezing we can do it. and usually by mid-day we are above freezing, if we are having a particularly cold spell.

i am loving this. i just found you guys last week, and this is my first time asking a question. (geeky, huh) but i am so motivated to do make more money. i love the idea of the “add on” service of o/o…i can’t wait to give this a try! thanks so much everybody!

Please continue to ask away. The greatest minds in Window Cleaning marketing reside here. Oh and Larrys here to.


It’s OK Larry just go back to sleep.:smiley:

I was just kidding with you Lar.

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I take Jan and Feb off, I dont want to work those months anyways, it is tooooo cold outside, like 55 or 60

Ha ha. I don’t even put a turtleneck on until the high is 50 or lower!
I happily do my commercial routes and keep it part time in the winter. I need a break!

That’s hott…