How do you communicate?

How do you communicate with your employees during the day? Right now All of my techs have cell phones and we are all on the same carrier, so calls between us are free. However, I am thinking of switching cell carriers and then each call would burn minutes for both of us. Same situation applies if I hire someone who is on another service or doesn’t have a phone.

So, for those of you who have this issue what do you do? Phones, radios, smoke signals, what?

Pony Express works well.

I don’t have employees, but at my “other” job we use Nextel radios. It works well. I’m not sure what the cost is either.
Just thought I’d share what we use.

I appreciate that. I have looked into it, but the service is not available in my area.

Been using nextel for 8 years couldnt work without them.

I think Nextel is a pain in the butt to deal with. If you want to have a conversation with someone you need to make a call anyway. Why pay the extra foe that feature. Just my opinion

Verizon has a PTT service, like Nextel. They just upgraded it, I’ve seen it work and it seems superior then Nextels in sound quality and speed.

AT&T also has PTT phones. I use to have the blackberry curve, nice phone

All our supervisors have a verizon phone, either company issued or there own. We then have one other verizon phone for the office. We always communicate via cell phone with the staff so there calls dont clog up the main line ( we want that free for customer’s) + we talk for cheap due to mobile to mobile minutes.

So when Alex opens in the morning he takes that phone off the charger, un fowards it and holds until the dispatcher gets in at 9, then at 5pm it gets forwarded to my cell.

This allows us to have 1 # for the employees to call 24 hrs a day. Anytime an employee calls in they must use this #. If they call the main line line we wont pick it up. I started handling the phone this way about a year ago and its been amazing.

I still use the two styrofoam cups on a line. We carry 1,000,000,000 feet of line so that we can communicate anywhere in the city. Only draw back is that sometimes other cars run into the line. So we still have the problem as many of you do with dropped calls.

Do you ever catch people attaching their own styrofoam cups to your line in order to eavesdrop?

I was thinking of going baked-bean cans. Styrofoam is SO last year.

whichever carrier youre considering, get past the sales rep in the store. tell them you want to talk to a commercial rep. there are deals available that are not sold in the stores. the reps in the store are not told to direct potential commercial / heavy users to commercial accounts. they just ring em’ up at the most profitable rates.

it works in my area. good luck