How do you do residential work in the snow?

So, I’m trying to finish up some residential projects, but snow is messing me up. I keep slipping and falling on snow and ice covered roofs with no indoor access, and my ladder feet feel like they’re going to kick out. I’m using wiper fluid (in solution), and pouring it on the ground where the ladder feet go, but they still want to move around, so I’ve been setting really steep.

This picture was from last week, but it snowed 4" in a couple hours today and it’s 19 degrees F with high winds up to 50mph.

I have 3 more residential projects next week, and looking at more snow.

It’s my first time working this deep into the fall in the mountains.

Also, my squeegee seems to leave a lot of water on the glass, which turns to ice when I detail around metal framing. How do you address that?

Do most of you reschedule, or rough it out with ropes and mountaineering equipment?

Try using isopropyl alcohol, 70% or 90%, 90%is better. Should help with the icing on the glass. Also, I used hard rubber last winter and it seemed to work a little better in the freezing temps. As far as your ladder goes, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe carry a small hammer on your belt and lightly bear up the ground for your ladder to get a good bight in the dirt.

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Make sure you have ladder feet that have teeth you can point towards the ground. Level Loks are essential in my opinion on any slick angled surface. Anytime I worry that the feet will not be secure, I angle the teeth of the feet into the surface- concrete, ice, loose rock, etc. Don’t mess around on ice and snow without the proper equipment!

I’m all worn out from today. I think snow, cold, and wind tore me up. Sliding off of a roof into a tree stressed me out too.

What ratio of isopropyl to water do you use? This is the first time I’ve used blue methanol windshield fluid, and it was weird.

Skipper, do you use the windshield stuff, or straight antifreeze?

Thanks for the advice.

I use enough alcohol to the point the water stops freezing before I get it off. Really depends on temp and wind conditions. I put it straight on my washer. And keep a dry detail tag handy

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I use the levelers with orange rubber feet (xtendaleg?). Maybe I’ll sprinkle some sand when I have to in order to get some grip. I think they also sell cleated feet, but are a pain to swap.

Right on. I’m scheduled out until late December, so I need some help with this snow/ice stuff. I’m a mountaineer/climber, but won’t be walking shingles with crampons. What do you do on north facing roofs? They hold an inch of snow for weeks…

[MENTION=36863]walkthruglass[/MENTION] how easy are those to install? I checked them out online, looks pretty simple

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I don’t really have the snowy roof problem that much. However, I don’t think I’d be on a roof covered with snow. Just curious, are you doing gutters from the roof? Just wondering if what you’re on the roof for could be done more safely from a ladder.

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Maybe they aren’t that bad, but with short days, I’m having trouble getting big jobs done without finishing in the dark. I’ll give them a try.

Everything was frozen.

Frozen gear sucks. I stay busy with store front during the winter. I just bring it in and let it thaw

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I’m doing gutters after 12pm on warm days. Otherwise the whole run is frozen, and I can’t do anything but pick out leaves and chop ice with a putty knife. Everyone has their sprinklers and spigots blown out, so it makes for less than perfect gutter jobs.

I still walk wet roofs, but after today, I’m not walking 3 story roofs coated in ice.

Good idea. I try to stay off roofs with more that an 6/12 pitch. Sometimes an 8/12. Past that it gets way to dangerous for me. I just put a stand off on my ladder and clean both directions as far as I can reach with my tools then move my ladder. I wouldn’t be on snow or ice at all. If that tree hadn’t been there you’d be typing these messages from a hospital bed. Gotta take care of yourself first

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Yeah, don’t leave your gear in your boab outside overnight. Suuucks trying to defrost. Sucks even more if you leave your mop in your bucket and have a solid block of ice to melt.

Ha ha ha. I’ve done that. It’s a pain trying to peel that frozen sleeve off the t bar

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Yea. I’ll be jumping ladders for gutters when it’s bad. I’m known for Steve-O antics, but also now know my livelihood depends on my physical health, so “safety first” I guess. I thought ‘Dangerous Dave’ was dangerous.

I guess I’m just crazy.

I ski and ice-climb, so I figured windows couldn’t be too bad. I can’t be digging my crampons into shingles is the problem. Trickier than I thought.

Need reliable weather people here. It was supposed to be nice today.

Sure you can use your crampons. Just get that damage waiver signed first

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Aw man… Got that ‘roof puncture’ waiver printed out and ready to sign. At the X__________________ :wink:

washer antifreeze is diluted methyl hydrate (can’t remember what you 'mericans call it…methanol?).
you will do better either using washer fluid straight or getting pure methyl hydrate to add to your regular mix in as high proportion as you need to keep it from freezing.
keep in mind alcohol evaporates quickly so the tip about applying it directly to your equipment is good also.
there are some good wcr videos called “weather or not” from awhile ago.