How do you expand?

We’re looking to scale and I keep finding these YouTube videos about these guys that claim to have gone from 0 to 300k overnight. What’s the deal? Is it just about how many dollars you put out there in marketing? I’m still in relax mode but it seems like I have to start planning as early as 2 weeks from now. Time flies…

Hope everyone is well.

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I’m curious of this as well. I’m going to start doing door hangers this week to get the ball rolling, and try some free posts on FB community groups.

But, from what I’ve been hearing and reading, getting to 300k isn’t feasible unless 1) you have several large commercial accounts, and/or 2) have at least a handful of employees.

job size makes a difference, some specialize in hospitals, hotels, high rise, condominiums and canada has unique residential high rise that they want clean. you get jobs of that magnitude and in no time you need several guys and if recurring your annual revenues climb quick

the job price bands cluster kind of like this:

under $50


$1500 +


how many little “tetris game pieces” do you want to deal with to fill your schedule? or to reach your desired annual revenue?

there’s your target niche . . .


It’s not always how much you make, but how much you keep. Don’t be misled… Some multiple-employee operations can gross $300,000+ but end up with very little at the end of the year. Yet, some part-time one-man shows can gross 110,000 and end with 90% net after taxes.

Again, often it’s about what you keep and carry forward. Profit margin is where it’s at.


If you are a route guy good luck scaling quickly without buying established routes.

If you’re doing power washing as well as window cleaning you’ll be able to bring that average ticket up quickly.

When I added house washing and commercial washing in 2020 it doubled my revenue. 2021 was really when the equipment costs made a good profit since it was all paid for the year before.


Can’t wait to get in on that hussle! #WCgoals.


Yeah we got out of storefronts a long time ago.

Currently doing house washing (started last year), power washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning.

Hoping to do a lot less gutter cleaning and a lot more house washing though.

I was thinking of trying google ads through a reputable agency but not sure what to expect.

Our goal is to hire crews and illl just be management/maybe help out on the site every once in a while to make sure everything is smooth. Problem is that this business also provides for my wife and myself so hiring more than a helper right now feels like a huge plunge when you don’t know what to expect. Then again, no point in having jobs you can’t do because you’re too small.

Edit: for anyone wondering. Yes, absolutely start learning how to do house washing.


Are you downstreaming, 12v, or air pump?

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Same. House washing is much more profitable once the equipment is paid off. Window cleaning doesn’t even come close per man hour.

so what are your per nam hour rates for each?

I typically run about $75/hr by myself with WC, PW can run $250/hr at times. I never window clean by myself however for safety reasons.

The only way to do that is to have a huge ad spend budget used in different ad sources and multiple vans/trucks to handle the work load. . Also depends on your average ticket cost. Im typically doing 800 to 700 a day with 2 or 3 jobs.

How do you learn to house wash? I have minimal experience with pressure washing, and would like to get into it more in the future (goal for the end of next year is to start breaking into pressure washing). But, I don’t want to jump in with both feet, given the kinds of chemicals I’d be working with.

I’ve thought of offering to work for free for some companies while being trained over a few days. I like the amount of knowledge on YT, but I feel that hands-on training might be best for this kind of thing. Or, would you disagree and think that free online resources are good enough?

I’m just nervous of picking it up, and having someone ask for work and their siding/house has something I haven’t seen before and no idea how to approach, and I screw up the whole job and/or cause damage and have to fork out for a big repair bill.

Interning with someone else is a solid plan…jump on over to the sister site at and you’ll find all the input you’ll ever need…

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$200-$250/hour WC and $200-$500/hour washing

My WC prices are the highest around, also I’m bragging by saying I am wicked efficient when it comes to WC so I can get in and out quick

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It’s so easy, start off just downstreaming some house and you’ll be good to go. Just YouTube a lot and ask questions… don’t pay anyone for a course or some crazy thing like that.

Get to the Huge Convention and learn learn learn… it’s amazing


You can do this !! Free online is good enough. I was just like you … Trust me.
When I first decided to add power washing I got on Pressure Teks forum and read day and night constantly. I was like a sponge wanting to learn everythinf , and I leaned a lot just by reading.
You have all these UTube videos out you can learn from. Be like a sponge , and get motivated to learn. The more you learn the more confident you’ll get about doing this.
Heres a guy I found that I like to follow his videos are good for beginners . Also get on the forums and read some stuff. You have to weed through al the BS , but I did and leaned a good amount of stuff.

Do like Mike says he’s spot on. If money is tight Get yourself a 4GPM Honda engine. You can use a direct drive don’t listen to anyone that says you can’t. As long as you can hook up to a customers hose spigots your fine. If not then you’ll need a buffer tank and then a belt drive is the way to go. I used a direct drive for 8 years before I bought and 8gPm gear drive.

I down streamed for all those years too. I bought my first machine brand new direct drive , and then bought a used one for a spare. Same exact machine. Actually some guy on this forum was selling all his equipment, and a buddy of mine , went an bought it all.

Now after 8 years I have a drop in skid and I use a booster pump with a proportioner I don’t downstream anymore.
One guy soaps and the other guy rinses.

You ever have any questions just pop back in thsi thread and we’ll answer them for you.

Get to this man. You won’t regret it.


We’ll have to catch up there…always interested in meeting up with folks when I’m there :slight_smile:

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Honestly the price difference from a 4gm to an 8gm is crazy if you do more WC then PW…
I have been using direct drive 15L/4kpsi pumps for many years with a Honda copy 13hp, only issues they have is if they are exposed to the weather you may have to clean the spark plug more frequently also the pull starts are frequently replaceable if you go with an electric start that may solve the problem.

I can build a 13hp 15L/4kpsi unit for about $800, I could build 2 and run them Siamese to achieve a 30L/4k psi unit for $1800 or I could buy a 30L/4kpsi unit for 6k, then also have 2 independent units for smaller work in in the previous option.

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I agree !! That’s why I said start with a 4gpm. I did for 8 years,
If your a window cleaner adding in PW that’s the way to go. Build it first make money , then go with a bigger GPM. JMHO. Unless you got big bucks somewhere under your pillow , then go for it get the 8gpm. I don’t regret for a minute what I spent on my equipment.
If your a power washer and all your doing is power washing all day ever day. 8GPM to start don’t even think about it.
The time you save is well worth the xtra money especially on flat work.
Also the other issue with 4gpm and direct drive . Is if your hooking to a spigot you can’t keep off the trigger for to long.

Yes !!! If you can get a 4gpm with electric start. Do it !!!