How do you get places to get on a schedule?

Getting a lot of NO’s and oh we lease here also a lot of people telling me to come back in a month or so. Not to put them on my schedule. How do i get them on a schedule?

Go back next month. And the next, and the next. Call between visits. Be persistent, but not bothersome. Keep going back until they hire you or tell you to stop coming by. The reasons that they are giving you are most likely BS. Even if you never actually get their business, someone in that area will see you, your truck, your t-shirt, whatever. Then the next time they look around for a window cleaner, they will think of you.

Customers only ever buy two things: Good Feelings and Solutions to problems. Once you figure out the answer to these questions of your potential clients, you can offer them a service that they cannot refuse.:slight_smile:

From Michael LeBoeuf, author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life.

Very good Larry. I am reading it right now. I think to myself, why didn’t I buy this book sooner! What do you think of it?

Ps. Thanks for the Bibliography there. I forgot. I was trying to paraphrase, but it sounded more like a quote, eh?

Thanks for the info will do.

If a customer of mine says they only want them done once, after I’m done, I ask “Can follow up with you in 4 to 6 weeks?” or " a month or 2?" (depending on type of business). They usually say something like “yeah sure, in #weeks/months will be fine.”
As far as I’m concerned, I have 3 types of clients 1. Regular clients on a specific schedule, 2. One time only clients 3. As needed / Follow up clients.

The only clients I stress about are my regular clients. They give my a constant paycheck, they usually give me the best referells. If another calls back, I fit them in my schedule at my convenience. For the follow ups, I keep note of how often I will follow up with them at that time and give them a call or stop by when Im nearby. If they say no, I ask if I can follow up in 2 weeks or whatever is apropriate.
I have had to mentally place some clients I Thought were regulars in to the FU category because I would get p*ssed - ahemm, ‘frustrated’ when I would show up as scheduled and they ‘dont want them cleaned this time’ or want me to check back with them. Removing any obligation from the relationship keeps me happier and less stressed (when they say no, not this time) and more focused on what I consider my important clients.

I’ve also learned to distinguish between the flakes who say come back next month as just a way of brushing me off those who may be serious about it by asking for specific details on when I should check back and with whom.

Do you have a good system in place to schedule and follow up with people on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly or by the day)? I can let you know what I use if you want.

[/QUOTE]Do you have a good system in place to schedule and follow up with people on a periodic basis (weekly, monthly or by the day)? I can let you know what I use if you want.[/QUOTE]

Just have a Yearly planner. Right down who i’ve done that day and right down when i need to follow up with them. What do you use? Thanks for the info.

I can definitely relate.

As others have said be persistent.

Sometimes (when appropriate) I call back, or visit again in just a few days. Most times I call or visit once a week when there is a chance I might get the job.

Unless they tell you to come back in a month. Follow up once a week. Rembember that in their mind, window cleaning is at the bottom of the list. Especially in situations where they are renovating or opening a new store. Window cleaning is the last think they think about. So you got to kindly, keep it more at the top of their mind by regular calls or visits. When opening day comes around, all of a sudden window cleaning is the most important thing in the world. And when you make time in your schedule to come and do an inital clean before opening day, you are the most thoughtful, flexible guy they know.

In order to start a schedule, I never do any work til they agree to one. I have had too many times where they just want to use me once, I give them a great price, go the extra mile, and then never hear of them again. Have a verbal agreement in place about schedule [B]before[/B] starting any work.

And remember to act like the expert. They usually need you to give your advice on how quickly their windows will need to be clean, so act like the expert, tell them how often they need to be cleaned. And you will have a schedule in place that makes more money for you each year.

I use Mozilla Sunbird. It’s a free calendar program similar to M$ outlook. You can set every client of yours on any kind of schedule - imaginable. If they want every 2/4 weeks, 3 months, etc., you can make it repeat automatically. I also schedule follow-ups, business related events and personal events. It’s easy to reschedule (just drag n drop) and modify. Within each event, you can put any info you need in the ‘description’ like price for job, contact name and numbers, address, special instruction about the job or anything you want to make note of. You can also make separate ‘calendars.’ I have one for Commercial WC, one for Residential and one for personal events. You can turn on and off each ‘calendar’ so it only displays the ones you want shown at one time. You can also color code each calendar, making it easier to distinguish one form another. You can also place each ‘event’ in a category, which also changes the outline of each entry to any color you choose. (my regular clients have a different color outline than my follow-ups, even though they are both in the Commercial category) You can keep track of any notes you have also, even if its not schedule related.

Its very flexible and adaptable. Its sure beats writing in a book each time! In the mornings, I check it and jot anything I need from it on a clipboard I carry with me. At night, I update as needed. When your biz gets really large, you may want to get a professional application (I’ve heard George is great) but I’m still small and it works well for me.

If you want to use it and need help setting it up, contact me and I can give you a call or something.

The system I have in place has a function that allows me to enter the customer, all of their information, and schedule a service for them. It also allows me to put the on a cycle with automatic reminders–just as Mozilla-Sunbird and MS Outlook do. But my software allows me to schedule call backs, archive them, or simply put them on a “they’ll call me” basis so they are out of sight,but not so out of mind. It also allows me to add a prospect, reminds me when to call them, and to “make them a Customer” when we are both ready.

what software do you use? I do just about all that on sunbird, but it is not professional software. I would like something that handles massive amounts of data a little better, and Free would be nice to;). If not free, what is the cost?

I use “The Customer Factor”. $19.95 per month and it will never change. I locked my price in when I got it. It’s internet based so you can access it from anywhere you can get logged on to. Great stuff. Look at it and even call the owner, Steve. He’ll answer any questions you might have.


Buy “internet Etiquette” too :smiley:

Nice! Hehehe.

I have been using Google Calendar. It’s shareable and internet based and free. SO I can reach it from wherever and share it with whom ever. So far its working great for a small business.