How do you get places to get on a schedule?

I use Mozilla Sunbird. It’s a free calendar program similar to M$ outlook. You can set every client of yours on any kind of schedule - imaginable. If they want every 2/4 weeks, 3 months, etc., you can make it repeat automatically. I also schedule follow-ups, business related events and personal events. It’s easy to reschedule (just drag n drop) and modify. Within each event, you can put any info you need in the ‘description’ like price for job, contact name and numbers, address, special instruction about the job or anything you want to make note of. You can also make separate ‘calendars.’ I have one for Commercial WC, one for Residential and one for personal events. You can turn on and off each ‘calendar’ so it only displays the ones you want shown at one time. You can also color code each calendar, making it easier to distinguish one form another. You can also place each ‘event’ in a category, which also changes the outline of each entry to any color you choose. (my regular clients have a different color outline than my follow-ups, even though they are both in the Commercial category) You can keep track of any notes you have also, even if its not schedule related.

Its very flexible and adaptable. Its sure beats writing in a book each time! In the mornings, I check it and jot anything I need from it on a clipboard I carry with me. At night, I update as needed. When your biz gets really large, you may want to get a professional application (I’ve heard George is great) but I’m still small and it works well for me.

If you want to use it and need help setting it up, contact me and I can give you a call or something.