How do you get your foot in the door

Hi guys,

It was only yesterday I had a talk with my uncle about window cleaning and my venture to start in the business.

Now my overall plan was to clean inside, outside, tracks etc, The complete package for Windows. Now what he said to me had me wondering how others, possible like yourself manage this.

My uncle said stay away from the inside of people’s houses. This is where problems will arise like damaging household items etc.

But surely this is where the most money will be made? I stay in the UK, Scotland to be precise and the houses in my area for outside cleaning I researched that they are around £5.00($6.25). Obviously that varies on size but it won’t be much more for outside only.

Now while starting this seems like a challenge and driving area to area with no runs will be no easy task, (Fuel money + insurance etc).

How would you go about this? I thought I’d bring this to the experts. Would you say to the clients that I would do inside, outside and tracks but only if they move the obsticals out the way? Or I’d help but Id maybe get them to sign something to cover me.

Guys any tips you can give me would be amazing.

there are several from across ponds on here so they will be more qualified, i’m pretty sure @Trad-Man is based in scotland.

re getting foot in door: knock on door, when it opens stick foot in.


Just be ask them to move any breakables . Most homes here are $75 to $375.00 in and outside once a year

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Don’t be afraid to ask customers to move any items away that may be on the interior window sill or near the area you’ll be working,most will have already done it or will let you do it yourself.

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your to cheap bro! up here it’s £10 minimum. £1 for a standard downstairs window £2 for upstairs. don’t be cheap be the m&s of your trade :wink:

It’s not the price I’d be doing this is coming from a person in my area with his own run. Any tips or advice for me mate.

i try to avoid insides, quite often not worth it, chatty customers and always stuff in the way. external is quicker and stress free

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What sort of prices do you charge if you don’t mind me asking? Maybe you could send me prices by mail so I can try work out for where I stay. I live at Central Scotland, way cheaper than Aberdeen mind you.

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Sell the jobs for a real price and sub them to your mate who already does windows. Never lift a squeegee and profit!

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£1 bottom window £2 top. don’t worry what others charge to much. im one of the expensive ones here but I’ve got a full worklist as your work will speak for you.