How do you personally price cleaning gutters that currently have gutter guards?

We have been charging by hour lately to clean gutters with gutter guards. We get a lot of resistance from people though. The main reason we price by hour is because we always price gutter cleaning over the phone. Over the phone it is hard to tell if the customers gutter guards are easy to remove or hard. How do you price gutter cleanings for homes with gutter guards currently installed?

UGH. I try to stay away from these jobs, mainly because a lot of these people have warranty’s on their product, and if it is removed by anyone but the contractor who installed them it is then void.

I did a house with gutter guards earlier this summer and actually found a soda can in it. A soda can!

Price-wise, I don’t have it set in stone. When I am giving the estimate I will set up a ladder to inspect the guards. See what tools will be needed, and what kind of shape they are in. Some mangle the minute you pull them up, making them near impossible to re-install.

If it looks doable, I figure my time, how much I want per hour, and go from there.

I most always end up way ahead of what I estimated.

Also sometimes when it is way overwhelming bidding the entire job I go by sides. X amount for this section, X amount for the garage, etc. Easier for me to keep track and be as accurate as possible.

Ya I hear ya about staying away from these types of jobs. Unfortunately we get too many calls for this type of service to ignore it. I would like to hear some more opinions?

1st floor walkable - $1.5/ft
1st floor non-walkable - $2/ft

2nd floor walkable - $2/ft
2nd floor non-walkable $2.5-3/ft

Bagging debris $10/bag

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Anyone have a phone estimate system for pricing gutter cleaning with guards?

[COLOR=#333333]We have been charging by hour lately to clean gutters with gutter guards.[/COLOR]

If you think about it, there is nothing wrong with charging by the hour. Many contractors don’t because their jobs take so long and the customers don’t want to keep track of the hours and/or don’t trust that the company will be honest about it.

But for a job that will take 2-5 hours, why can’t you charge by the hour? It’s actually the fairest way to charge IMO.

Plumbers charge by the hour.

We just say no.