How do you price house washing?

I need some help. I dont know how to price house washing jobs. this is new service for me and never leaned how to do it. at my last job. its a 2000 sqft single story home. pm me if you dont want to put it here


We price by sq ft, 2 stories, walkout basement, and additions for succo/drvit

If it was 1 story, 2000 sq ft… Around 225.00

Thanks @Kyle

@Kyle are you using SH or calcium hypochlorite

SH. Sodium hypochlorite/ liquid pool shock
Comes in , 10,12,15 % SH.

2000 sq. ya 225-275

12.5% SH with fresh wash added

@aviloria I’ve got some sweet before and afters already this year… My guys are killing it Redirecting...


I bid it a $225 do I just downstream pure SH or do I water it down

225 is fine you could always go up on the next jobs if you feel you ned more profit, but this is your first job so time wise you can’t really judge till you get some experience

In a 5 gallon Bucket you can add 2 - 2/12 gallons of SH an the rest water depending how bad th house is you could go to 3 gallons SH even , but this would be a hot mix

Use Eliminater, or Fresh wash as your surfactant it will tell you how much per gallon on the jug.

For Elemonater it’s 1oz per gallon.

Damn nice photos you got up there! Makes me want to seriously get into prowssure washing.

Yo were you been man !!! You ready for baseball .

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Haha hey! I’ve been hibernating. Winter sucked… 3-4 days where enough snow fell to work, so I was living pretty lean. Good motivator for me though, already rocking the door hangers and doing estimates. Got 2 jobs semi-booked (waiting for weather to completely clear up) and sounds like both want gutters cleaned and 1 wants pressure washing. $_$

You damn straight I’m ready for dem baseballs! Not sure how Jays will do this year, too many contract distractions, new management, rotation uncertainty… but hope springs eternal. How dem Mets?

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No i ended up getting a 4gpm pressure washer for a job I got. I just made enough to get the bandit system last week. I might get it in April.

We are thinking about adding one of these to a truck

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Is there a difference between the one you posted and this one
I might be getting this one in April. The bandit will cost me 1600 with shipping

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I was told that you could downstream it with house washing but roof was requires a higher concentration of SH than downstreaming can supply