How Do You Quote Relatives?

How do you all go about quoting for immediate family and other relatives?

What percentage discount do you all give, if any?


Immediate relatives lol is this a joke. Its free bro

Some relatives insist on paying, though. I try and still give some kind of discount when that happens, or throw in something extra for free.

Yeah that’s my stance but the one I’m doing insists on paying.

I would probably go off of my regular price but discount it up to 20% or something.

Also add in extras like deep screen cleaning, etc for free.

You don’t during Busy season, or they pay full price

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Just basic clean: regular dinner.

Full house clean: tray of enchiladas, spanish rice, beans and red sauce.


It’s nice to be booked out a bit, finally the biz is starting to work in my favor lol

Some people are funny they expect you to schedule them in asap.

Some doc called the other day in the morning and asked if I could stop by that same morning for an estimate.

Yeah sure, I was actually sitting around waiting for your call!

Then was shocked I didn’t quote him $5 a window.


For my relatives? I would definitely charge them triple because some of them can be a pain. Haha


Welcome to the forum (not sure if I’ve seen you on here before)

I evaluate charging family members based on the relationship and situation.

Like @Infinity said, always throw in something extra. I cleaned windows for a family member last week and am repairing several screens for free.

Also, be sure to leave behind business cards. If you do a stellar job, family can be a great source of referrals.